Texans Interview Leslie Frazier, David Culley

WEDNESDAY: Frazier’s second interview took place Tuesday, according to veteran NFL reporter Josina Anderson (on Twitter). Culley met with Texans brass Wednesday morning but was called back to continue his second interview later this afternoon, per Anderson and the Houston Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson (Twitter links). This has become a “neck and neck” race, according to the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain.

While Eric Bieniemy has been in this process for a bit now, the Texans cannot bring him back for an interview until after Super Bowl LV. The Texans were seeking a second Bieniemy meeting but may well have a coach by the time he would be permitted to interview again.

MONDAY: The Texans have arranged second interviews with Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and Ravens assistant head coach David Culley as Tom Pelissero of NFL.com tweets. Both are now eligible to interview for the Texans’ top job in person since their teams are out of the playoffs. 

Frazier served as the Vikings’ head coach for three-seasons-and-change, up until his dismissal in 2013. His 2012 team made the playoffs before falling to the Packers, but the rest of his run wasn’t all that successful. All in all, the Vikes went 21-32-1 with Frazier at the helm. Since then, he’s spent the past four seasons as the Bills’ DC, overseeing one of the league’s best defenses.

Culley, 65, got his coaching start at FCS program Austin Peay all the way back in 1978. Culley has never even been a coordinator at the NFL level, so it would be a pretty remarkable story if he’s able to land his first head coaching job in 2021. It’s worth noting that Ravens coach John Harbaugh has been a vocal supporter of Culley, who has a chance to secure the league’s last vacancy.

Whether it’s Culley, Frazier, or another coach, the Texans’ next HC will be tasked with getting the buy-in of franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson.

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30 comments on “Texans Interview Leslie Frazier, David Culley

    • afsooner02

      Watsons not gonna drop his trade request either way so might as well have a guy that is fit to be a HC.

  1. arty!

    I’d simply to tell Watson that no, we’re not trading you. You signed a contract; honor it.

    • You mean how teams honor their contracts by cutting guys who then receive no money? Please.

      Watson could also just sit out. Not a smart idea to annoy and spite and be combative with your best player.

      • arty!

        Watson won’t sit out. Why do you think he signed that contract, to get paid.

        As for the players, yep teams cut them all the time. Every player on rosters are under contract even when the wind down from 80(?) to 53 players. The NFLPA and NFL agreed to those terms in their labor contracts so that’s the players fault if they don’t like their terms.

      • b.kline

        People get fired for poor performance at work all the time, athletesare no different. Go to your employer tomorrow and start complaining, see what happens.

      • carlos15

        The contract allows that and both sides know it when signing the contract. That’s not an example of the team not honoring the contract

  2. Yep it is

    Even considering Leslie Frazier or Cullen shows how inept the Texans are.

  3. Jcool90

    Not really, they wanna get the off season going and rolling. Watson signed on the dotted line. Stop crying and play. Alot of stuff happens too star athletes all the time. Their old HC WAS GIVEN THE KINGDOM. Sooo whoever made that calls the one to blame. But go RAVENS

    • Superbear29

      That was the extremely stupid owner and the brain dead religious nut job who knows nothing about football and gets in the way of everything.

  4. gtb1

    I don’t understand why it has to be a Black head coach. They have a Black head coach. He’s imminently “qualified”. He just hasn’t been a great head coach much like these current candidates. McCown is an interesting possibility. Should be in the discussion. How about Tony Dungee? Would he ever reconsider coaching?

        • gtb1

          Smart guy and lots of NFL exposure to different systems. Widely respected as “coaching material” by players and other coaches.

    • jjd002

      They would get ripped by the media if they hired McCown if there was a legitimate chance to hire a Black head coach. Look what some outlets had to say about Jacksonville’s choice.

      Honestly when they picked up McCown I thought that’s what they were going to do.

  5. mstockw1

    So as a Bills fan, I have to ask… if Frazier gets the job… do the Bills get that 3rd round pick?

  6. gtb1

    Just realized Houston has African American head coaches on all 3 major sports teams. Crennel, Silas and Baker. Has that ever happened in any city in professional sports before? I really hope the Texans focus on hiring the coach they think is best for the future of the franchise. It’s incredibly wrong for a player of any race (through surrogates) to insist on having a head coach of that same race as a requirement for playing. I don’t remember any prominent white quarterbacks ever doing that but if they had we’d rightfully have called that racism. Now we want to call it diversity and justify it. Just hire the best person for the job. Maybe they’re African American. Maybe not. Watson is an awesome QB but he just signed the 4th? highest QB contract in HISTORY and hasn’t won anything yet! None of us have the whole story but it’s hard to relate to someone having his feelings hurt when he’s bringing home 39 million dollars a year playing a game. Fans should reconsider how we’re spending our money.

  7. xxtremecubsguy89

    Already been reported that Culley got the job. Another awesome job by nfltr

  8. partyatnapolis

    you guys at pftr do realize by the time you report what everyone else knows he’ll be head coach for like a whole day already lol

  9. tedtheodorelogan

    Zach Links must have gone to bed early last night and be sleeping in this morning. CBS sports app told me Cully got hired like 14 hours ago.

    • arthur blank_for owner

      yep and Deshaun Watson has officially requested a trade just now…..maybe Amazon kicked PFR off their web services in another purge lol

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