Trevor Lawrence Declares For 2021 NFL Draft

No surprise here. On Wednesday, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence formally declared for the 2021 NFL Draft. 

I’ll look back at these three years and have the best memories,” Lawrence said (Twitter link). “I really feel like I’m a man now and I’m ready to take on those challenges. Just super excited for life ahead. The best is always yet to come, but I’m grateful for Clemson and I’m going to miss it.

As the projected No. 1 overall pick, Lawrence long seemed ticketed for the Jets. But, with some late-season signs of life, the Jets ceded the league’s cellar to the Jaguars. There are other noteworthy passers in this class — including Ohio State’s Justin Fields — but none compare to Lawrence, who is viewed as the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck.

“Looking back on it, I hope my legacy is that I was a great teammate and a great person overall, more than how I played,” Lawrence said. “It’s how I treated people. I want that to be the main thing I’m known for.”

Lawrence threw for 3,153 yards with 24 touchdowns and five interceptions in his final season. And, with 69.2% of his passes completed, he finished as the runner-up for the Heisman Trophy, despite losing time to injury. The Jaguars will explore other prospects for the No. 1 overall pick, but it would be a stunner to see them take anyone other than Lawrence.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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24 comments on “Trevor Lawrence Declares For 2021 NFL Draft

  1. afsooner02

    Avoided the jets…..probably won’t be so lucky in 22 had he stayed. Although the jags have their own issues.

    • DarkSide830

      if he wanted to avoid badly run teams he’d never get drafted. they tend to draft the highest for a reason. i wouldnt want to get drafted by either, but going back guarantees nothing as far as who picks 1st next year.

      • roswell6vika

        Most top 5 or 10 drafted QBs should pull an Eli Manning & demand a trade to a quality franchise; Joe Burrow should’ve done that. He’ll be stuck on that small-market team w/ the cheap owner’s a sad situation for the poorer franchises.

    • I Beg To Differ

      Jaguars are in a much better position than the Jets are. Theyre in a much better position offensively than most teams picking in the top 10.

      They have a decent running back group that’s young (Robinson, Ozigbo, Ogunbowale)

      They have a decent receiving core with Chark and Johnson. Bringing in a true proven #1 could go a long way but that can be via draft (deep wr class) or free agency.

      They have a decent line already.

      Defense needs a lot of work but offensively the Jaguars already have pieces in place.

      • crosseyedlemon

        If the Jags had a decent OL they wouldn’t be ranked 31st in time of possession or be giving up sacks on Minshew at a 7.6% rate.

        • mrpadre19

          They rank low in time of possession because the Defense can never get off the field and the QB can’t connect with the receivers.
          Minshew sack numbers are because he starts to scramble when his first option isn’t open.
          Lawrence will solve one of these issues….6 picks in top 3 rounds and $100 mil in Cap space will fix the defense… 2022 byway.

        • I Beg To Differ

          Jaguars gave up 44 sacks in 16 games last year

          Minshew accounted for 27 of those sacks in 8 games.

          Meaning in the other 8 games other QBs were only sacked 17 times (10 less)

          Going out on limb and saying its not entirely the lines fault Minshew was sacked more (10 more to be exactly) than all the other QBs who started a game this year.

          That’s a pretty big disparity.

    • mrpadre19

      “Get a haircut and kick some ass in Jacksonville “.

      Jags PR Dept. Says “NO!!!”
      Sunshine will be the most marketable player the Jags have ever had!

      • crosseyedlemon

        Will the “Trevor Taco” actually be more popular than the “Boselli Burger”?

  2. Perksy

    Trevor Lawrence looks like someone that should have been in the movie “The Program”

    • Technically correct

      Are you ok? Really and genuinely. I know your name from many, many other intentional troll attempts during the year, so I know I can immediately dismiss anything you say here about football. But hang in there buddy. We’ll get through this.

    • mlbnyyfan

      Will the Lawrence family like the Manning family force a trade to the New York?

      • bumpy93

        no chance you know back when the Jets were like on 8019 that’s when it came out that he was thinking about coming back for a senior season then the jags take over and well it’s kind of I think I’m coming out then officially decide today to come out he wanted to avoid the Jets it seemed and there’s no way to prove this now maybe if he writes a tell-all book after he’s a Hall of famer or something I think if the Jets would have got the number one pick I think there was a really good chance he would stay in school

  3. bumpy93

    even though I’m a humongous Eagles fan I still can’t wait to go out and get a Trevor Lawrence Jacksonville jaguars jersey when I get my new $2,000 stimulus check I’m going to make sure I get one

    • Gary Porter

      I hope your not a grown man. Kinda weird wearing another man’s name on your back.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Yes, let’s admonish bumpy for considering the purchase of something as weird as a team jersey. He should act more adult and spend his money on normal things like drugs and weapons.

  4. BG99

    I’m not a Jags’ fan, nor am I a Clemson fan/Lawrence fan. However, Lawrence to the Jags will change the fortunes of that team.

    An SEC icon (yes, he is just that) playing in Jacksonville? That’s a win for professional football in North Florida.

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