A.J. Green Very Unlikely To Be Back With Bengals?

When he last spoke about his future, A.J. Green made it clear he knew there was a chance he was playing his last games in Cincinnati. It sounds like it’s no longer just a chance, it’s a foregone conclusion.

While going through the Bengals’ upcoming free agent class, Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic writes that there’s just a ‘one percent’ chance of Green coming back. “The hope for all involved is Green can resurrect his remarkable career. It just won’t be in Cincinnati,” he writes. This isn’t exactly a shock, as this has been the direction things have been trending, and there was even some speculation back in October that he wanted to be traded although the wideout denied it.

If it is indeed the end, the fourth overall pick of the 2011 draft had an incredible run in Cincy. He’s set all sorts of franchise records while making seven Pro Bowls and three All-Pro teams. He had a reduced role this past season, catching only 47 passes for 523 yards in 16 games. Now 32, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of interest he gets on the open market.

Although he doesn’t treat it with nearly as much certainty, Dehner also doesn’t think cornerback William Jackson III is too likely to return. He thinks one or more teams will be willing to give him a big contract and “the Bengals won’t be one of them.” Jackson has started at least 13 games in each of the past three seasons, and had 11 pass breakups in 2020.

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14 comments on “A.J. Green Very Unlikely To Be Back With Bengals?

      • ruckus727

        I could also see that. I think there’s a lot of teams who would want him on a one year deal. I hope he gets a chance to play on a winner even if it means taking less money. Colts, Ravens, Dolphins, 49ers, Rams, Packers might be good fits.

    • joeshmoe11

      Unless they upgrade QB and WR he’ll be just a 3rd down target. He can’t get separation anymore

    • Regi Green

      After years of playing in Cincinnati,he probably wants to go somewhere there’s a chance of winning.

      • Hairy Callous

        What a hot take. BTW, the Bengals will have more wins than NE next year.

        • Regi Green

          If you were replying to me,that was my point by saying he probably wants to go somewhere with a chance to win.Bradys gone,the dynasty is over in New England.

          With that said,we’ll see which team has more wins.I certainly wouldn’t bet on the Bengals having more wins than anyone.They’re still the Bengals.New England just needs a QB to get back into playoff contention.

  1. mrshyguy99

    If he could stay healthy I Wouldn’t mind him on the 49ers for cheap . They could use a big wr

  2. letmeclearmythroat74

    The guy still has skills … he’s had some injuries but he’s a class guy. I could see him fit well a number of places … Seattle with DK and Lockett, Houston, Atlanta ( his hometown) with Julio and Calvin, also would be interesting across from Diggs in Buffalo, dare I say Green Bay ? Wow … if he doesn’t have to be “ the guy” … what a weapon.

  3. Footballguy5

    I certainly hope this report is true. He’s no longer an asset on the field, no matter the price. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t watched him play the past 2-3 seasons. Also, the “good guy” rep is done. He’s quit on the Bengals multiple times and was screaming (like a child) to be traded on the sideline last year. He gets zero separation but still demands the ball be forced to him, and throws mini fits bcs it’s not. I’ll be surprised if he lasts 2 more seasons in the nfl. Hell of a career..but it’s about over.

  4. ruckus727

    This dude could’ve been top 10 all time WR had he not played his whole career in Cincinnati. It would be cool to see how his career would’ve turned out he played with Matt Ryan or a similarly talented QB as Julio did. He may have been just as good or better than Julio.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    It’s always tough to see guys who have been key pieces of a franchise for a decade or more close out their careers elsewhere. AJ’s legacy of class and achievement won’t be forgotten by Bengal fans.

  6. bostonbob

    What a way to waste your career spent entire life in Cincinnati. Enjoy the money you made, when you could have actually, ya know, won a ring. SMH.

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