Raiders Extend QB Nathan Peterman

While the annual questions exist around Derek Carr‘s status with the Raiders, the franchise now has two of his backups under contract for 2021.

The Raiders announced Thursday they have agreed to terms with Nathan Peterman on a one-year deal. The deal could pay Peterman up to $2.775MM, Tom Pelissero of notes.

Peterman being back on Las Vegas’ 53-man roster in 2021 would mark a fourth season in silver and black for the former Bills draftee. The Raiders initially added Peterman to their practice squad late in the 2018 season. Being a 2017 draftee, Peterman was eligible for unrestricted free agency in March.

Despite Peterman’s Bills performances prompting constant criticism, he has found a home with the Raiders. The team reworked his rookie deal last summer and now will have him entering the 2021 offseason on the roster behind Carr and Marcus Mariota. The latter is signed through the ’21 season.

A former fifth-round pick, Peterman has played in one game as a Raider. He completed 3 of 5 passes in the Raiders’ blowout loss to the Falcons in November. Overall, Peterman’s numbers are ghastly. He has thrown three touchdown passes and 12 interceptions — five of those picks coming in a disastrous start against the Chargers as a rookie — and has averaged just 4.2 yards per attempt. But while the Raiders have employed Mike Glennon and DeShone Kizer since acquiring Peterman, Jon Gruden kept Peterman around over those former starters. This relationship is now set for a fourth season.

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28 comments on “Raiders Extend QB Nathan Peterman

    • markdavisbarber

      In all fairness Peterman was a rookie that received zero first string snaps and was presented the job after Tyrod Taylor spent a couple of weeks stinking it up.

      Just a little context to ponder.

      • Ak185

        Yeah, he hasn’t been good, but that Chargers game was not on Peterman. He was a rookie fifth rounder brought up from the practice squad the week before to face the best secondary in the league. The Bills should have seen that coming a little bit.

  1. Thronson5

    Maybe they trade Carr, draft a rookie and let the rookie and Mariota battle it out. Seems weird that they think Carr is the problem when their defense was pretty bad last season

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Carr is a good QB. Unfortunately Gruden is the coach. Jon’s fragile ego has to point the blame somewhere else for his massive failure.

  2. bigeasye

    It goes to show you that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

  3. jacobsigel1025

    Imagine being the team responsible for giving Peterman a contract

  4. louwhitakerisahofer

    He must have a high football IQ, right Jon??? Seriously though… he must run the scout team offense phenomenally. There’s some value there, but not at $2M+.

  5. Hannibal8us

    I kind of feel for Peterman, he obviously had a disastrous start of his pro career but by all accounts is a smart hardworking guy with a strong arm. Had he not gotten to play and embarrass himself early on I doubt anyone would object to him being a third stringer on their team.

    • bradthebluefish

      My biggest problem wasn’t the start to his career but how Peterman in the second seasonal 1 TD and 7 INT. That’s where it’s hard for me to understand this all.

      However, I understand he’s great at breaking down film and having great practices, but it makes me think he’d best better QB coach than as a player.

  6. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I wish there was a real coach in Vegas, and not an overhyped TV personality. This deal reeks of Gruden.

  7. MileHighFan

    You would think Gruden would use that roster slot for someone who might develop into something for the future, not someone who has shown he is nothing but a backup.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      That’d be a gigantic mistake. Marcus has consistently shown he’s not a starting NFL QB. He had a great game in relief of Carr, but the defense wasn’t prepared for him. When teams scheme specifically for him, he falters. He’s a great back up, but that’s what he is. Carr is also a good QB.

      Besides, the Raiders don’t draft well. They’d waste the picks and they’d basically be giving Carr away.

      No. No. No.

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