Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Drawing Trade Interest

A “couple of teams” have inquired on Russell Wilson, according to’s Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero. However, the Seahawks have turned those suitors away, because they have no interest in trading their franchise quarterback. 

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It’s no surprise that the Seahawks have rejected calls on the future Hall of Famer. The quarterback carousel has caused Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff to trade places, and others could be on the move in the coming weeks, but Wilson is staying put. There could be other options for the ambitious teams seeking Seattle’s star still, including Eagles QB Carson Wentz and Raiders signal caller Derek Carr.

Clubs have put out feelers on Wilson in the past, but those talks didn’t get too far. One of those conversations took place in 2018, when the Browns considered swapping the No. 1 or No. 4 overall pick for him. Wilson was only 29 at the time, yet he was long established as one of the game’s top QBs. To even consider moving him, the Seahawks would have wanted an offer including both picks.

Wilson, 33 in November, set a new personal watermark with 40 passing touchdowns last year en route to yet another Pro Bowl selection. He also registered 4,212 passing yards in 2020 — seven shy of a new career high.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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33 comments on “Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Drawing Trade Interest

    • riffraff

      after the Stafford debacle I’m surprised they let him even do these filler stories

    • Technically correct

      I’m confused. This is literally the information we all come to this site for, no? It’s a trade rumor. And one that originated from very reputable sources in Rapoport and It seems unlikely, but context of quarterback movement from the article being cited, it’s worth mentioning.

  1. johnfree83

    Seahawks should trade him. They won’t win another Super Bowl while he’s QB. Tom
    Brady being the exception no other “Franchise” QB has won the Super Bowl making “Franchise” money. You can even argue TB didn’t make franchise money. The salary cap does a good job leveling the playing field.

    • JF83, imo later this off-season he’ll restructure his contract to help the team. Personally I think Bobby and maybe even Dunlap will similarly help the Hawks by ‘shuffling’ their deals in order to help the team fill its needs

    • arthur blank_for owner

      Something tells me buyers remorse might set in if they trade for Biden bwhahaha

  2. JDubb56

    At this point, every QB in the league is drawing interest. Just like last year and the year before. Nothing new.

  3. bigeasye

    “Teams are calling about Patrick Mahomes but up until now their efforts have been rebuffed”

  4. compassrose

    I would take Jags two firsts and a third for him. Seattle will need to shore up OL though. They need to do that anyway. In reality they will trade away their second rnd pick for a couple more.

  5. Black Ace57

    Pro Hockey Rumors should now do Connor McDavid trade rumor articles at this point it’s getting so ridiculous. Hey, I would like to buy the Eagles. I’m a billion dollars short of being a billionaire, but now I expect to read an article saying “mystery person in talks to buy the Eagles.”

  6. Greg M

    Big news Zach! I’m hearing that multiple teams have inquired about exhuming the remains of Johnny Unitas for a title run next year. I can’t believe you haven’t been on top of that yet.

  7. ews34

    Is he a sure fire HOF qb? If so why? I don’t follow his career that closely. He won one sb.

  8. Bearded Texas Hulk

    Guys, Zach is just doing his job… creating content. Its a fluff piece but still a nice way to kill 2 minutes.

  9. Rbtruckdriver

    Probably won’t go anywhere, just wish they would give him some protection,would see even greater things out of him if he actually had time to do something with the ball!

  10. dalton2green22

    From the looks of “sleepy” Wilson at the Super Bowl, they need to put him on a diet first

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