Steelers’ Maurkice Pouncey, Chargers’ Mike Pouncey, Retire From NFL

Maurkice Pouncey and Mike Pouncey have retired from football. The Pouncey twins made the announcement on Friday, via Maurkice’s longtime teammate Ramon Foster (Twitter link).

It’s my honor that my brothers from another asked me to announce the next stage in their life. After over a decade Maurkice Pouncey and Mike Pouncey are retiring from the NFL,” Foster tweeted.

They came into the world together and they’re leaving the NFL together, but they actually turned pro in separate years. Maurkice entered the league in 2010 when the Steelers drafted him No. 18 overall. In 2011, the Dolphins tapped Mike with the No. 15 selection. They both went on to enjoy long careers as starting interior linemen, playing predominantly in the middle.

Maurkice spent his whole 11-year career with the Steelers and earned a reputation as one of the game’s best centers. He leaves the sport with nine Pro Bowl nods and two first-team All-Pro selections. Mike, meanwhile, was limited to nine seasons by injury, but still managed five Pro Bowl appearances.

We began this journey at 6 years old and now, at 31, we will close this chapter of our lives.” Mike wrote. “I am thankful for everything football has taught me and everywhere it has taken me! Dream big, kids, because [dreams] do come true..Never be afraid to make a mistake, learn from them, and fix it!

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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20 comments on “Steelers’ Maurkice Pouncey, Chargers’ Mike Pouncey, Retire From NFL

  1. madmanTX

    I wish the Pounceys well. Steeler fans appreciate all the years Maurkice gave us.

  2. TJECK109

    Maurkice went to the pro-bowl 9 of 10 seasons. The season he missed he was injured in game 1 and was out for the rest of the season.

      • afsooner02

        Mike doesn’t have the #s. That’d be an insult to so many better centers that didn’t get in bc they didn’t have twin brothers that were hof caliber.

        • cka2nd

          Kind of like 6x Pro Bowl center Rich Saul and his okay but not great twin brother and guard, Ron Saul.

  3. 2012orioles

    Love Pouncey! He always stood up for his teammates. Great player. Great career. I’ll for sure miss seeing 53 under center.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolled

      Funny, that’s why I hate him/them…he/they ALWAYS did it…even after their teammates lure people to remote warehouses and plug them in the head.

      • 2012orioles

        Pirates fan that hates the Steelers, and I’m an Orioles fan that loves them. Who’s your team, out of curiosity? I see you around a lot. I know you’re a penguins fan. We’ve hat a few chirps about my capitals during the playoffs.

  4. ElGaupo77

    Maurkice has made more Pro Bowls than both of the the Steelers HOF centers (Dawson and Webster).

      • 2012orioles

        2 I think. No one would deny that he is overrated in terms of pro bowls. He probably should’ve made half of what he did. He’s the leader of the line though. He’ll be missed

  5. myaccount

    People love the Pouncey twins, but between committing assault (multiple times), using anti-gay slurs, the “Free Aaron” shirts, Mike being part of the bullying scandal, etc., I hope they retire from the spotlight altogether rather than parlay their careers into TV jobs.

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