Xavien Howard Appears In Police Report Concerning Shooting At Former Agent’s Home

Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard appears in an official incident report concerning a shooting at the home of his former agent, Damarius Bilbo, which happened in June 2020. Howard’s name is misspelled in the report, but it is clear that he is the person being referenced (though his name appears without explanation or context).

Pro Football Talk first obtained the report from Dunwoody (GA) authorities several days ago. In it, we learn that on June 29, someone fired a bullet into Bilbo’s home. Bilbo was not home at the time, but his wife and 12-year-old son were. The son told police that he saw a gold sedan pull up to the front of the house, that he saw a black male wearing a hoodie exit the vehicle and walk onto the lawn, and that the person jumped back into the vehicle after a shot was fired through a window.

Luckily, no one was injured, and the investigation is ongoing. Howard’s name appears on the “Additional Name List” on the second page of the report, but as Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald tweets, Howard is not suspected of firing the gun. Jackson adds in a full-length piece that Howard is also not believed to have been in the vehicle. However, police have requested interviews on several occasions, which Howard declined.

Howard declined the first interview request back in August, saying that he was dealing with COVID-19. The most recent request was made within the last few weeks.

Howard’s attorney, Darren Heitner, said, “Xavien was not involved in this incident and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.” At this point, that certainly seems accurate, as Howard’s only connection to the incident appears to be his former business relationship with Bilbo and his association to other individuals who were listed as “Additional Names.” Both the Pro Football Talk report and the Jackson article provide further info if you want to dive deeper.

Bilbo represented Howard until the two had a business dispute in October, but it was Bilbo who negotiated Howard’s five-year, $75.3MM extension in 2019, which made Howard the highest-paid CB in the league at the time. Howard just turned in the finest season of his career and was in the running for Defensive Player of the Year honors, and as such, he is seeking a renegotiation of his contract (even though he is under club control through 2024). Jackson wonders if the Dolphins will use this incident as a reason to reject such a renegotiation, but recent reports have indicated that Howard will ask for a trade if he does not get a raise.

As Jackson writes, it’s unclear if the NFL will investigate this matter. For now, the Dolphins, Bilbo, and Dunwoody police have declined to comment.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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16 comments on “Xavien Howard Appears In Police Report Concerning Shooting At Former Agent’s Home

  1. carlos15

    Well if he’s not suspected of the actual shooting and having been in the car it seems to be a non-story at this point.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolled

      Clearly, his friends just decided to randomly fire a gun into someone’s window and JUST HAPPENED to be his former agent’s, with whom he had a known beef.

      Total coincidence, nothing to see here, case closed.

      Top notch work, Detectives.

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        The time line does not make sense. The incident happened in June , he was asked for interview in August, he fired the agent in October. So the dispute with agent was 4 months after the incident unless I read something’s wrong. Maybe it could have been brewing for some time. Or maybe he’s not involved at all. While I can’t stand a lot of the mess athletes get theirselves into but you are innocent until proven guilty , not guilty until proven innocent… like some folks on here seem to do. It’s odd I take the side of the athlete as it usually comes out that they were guilty but … based on this story , I am as guilty as he is.

        • 2012orioles

          I don’t think anyone is saying he’s guilty, but to say it’s a non story is jumping to conclusions too. He’s had a domestic violence issue too

        • forwhomjoshbelltolled

          Innocent until proven guilty, sure, but…he’s going to be a prime suspect until this one question gets answered…

          Why did his friends (of all people) shoot into his agent’s house (of all places)?

  2. tank62

    Soooo they are basically dragging his name for what reason? If he’s not a suspect what is the point? Typical Florio

    • I Beg To Differ

      He’s not suspected of firing the gun. Doesnt mean he’s not suspected of being involved.

      “Howard is not suspected of firing the gun. Jackson adds in a full-length piece that Howard is also not believed to have been in the vehicle.”

      Could still be involved in what took place without firing the gun or being present when it happened.

      Police look at everyone. If hes not involved he’ll be cleared and we everyone will move on. Nobody is accusing him of anything, but given that they had a dispute back in October they’ll look into all possible avenues.

  3. MileHighFan

    You don’t need to be at the scene of a crime to be the real perpetrator. Jeffery Epstein recently learned this.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolled

      …say what?

      Epstein was at the scene of his crimes, either in the room with the girls or with the rope. Seems like an odd example.

      Charles Manson is the easy example.

      • I Beg To Differ

        Epstein didn’t hang himself. Pretty sure that was where the comment was going.

        Someone had him killed. They didn’t hang him themselves.

        • forwhomjoshbelltolled

          Every single person who has ever been hung has been at the scene of the crime.

          Literally impossible to hang someone who isn’t there. Literally impossible to hang someone if you aren’t there.

          So, however you want to imagine it went down, the person who hung him would have to be there.

  4. Sponge

    And here I thought the Lord of the Rings saga ended. Nope. Bilbo appears again. This time in Florida. I can’t wait for the sequel.

  5. twentyforty

    The real story here is that Bilbo is a very, very sketchy dude. Shady isn’t a strong enough word for that clown.

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