Cardinals To Sign Colt McCoy

We heard last week that the Cardinals would host Colt McCoy, and that visit apparently went well. Arizona will be signing the veteran signal-caller, Adam Schefter of tweets.

Financial terms weren’t immediately available, but Schefter reports it’s a one-year deal. McCoy has now reached true journeyman status, and will presumably hold Kyler Murray‘s clipboard in 2021. The Cards were apparently looking to upgrade the backup quarterback spot after former CFL player Chris Streveler mostly fell flat on his face in his only significant run in place of an injured Murray in Week 17 last year.

A college superstar at Texas, McCoy spent his first three pro seasons with the Browns, starting 21 games for Cleveland. After a one season stop with the 49ers, he went on to spend the next six years in Washington. He started seven games in spot duty across those six seasons.

He signed with the Giants in 2020, and started two games in place of an injured Daniel Jones. He completed 40 of 66 passes for 375 yards, one touchdown and one interception. He’s a competent backup, and the 34-year-old will also be a nice veteran mentor to Murray as he enters his third year.

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13 comments on “Cardinals To Sign Colt McCoy

  1. afsooner02

    Never would have guessed that in the heisman race from 08 that McCoy would be the last one left in the league. (Tebow, Bradford, McCoy)

    Granted all 3 were pretty much busts.

    • Ak185

      Ehh, wouldn’t go that far. Tebow has a winning record and a playoff win. Bradford started for years. McCoy started a few years until getting too many concussions and has been a successful backup mostly. Maybe they were disappointments, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call them busts necessarily.

  2. MileHighFan

    Why do teams sign backups that cannot replicate the style of their primary signal caller? They clearly aren’t capable of replacing the starter, but don’t you want the rest of the offense to continue running the same plays?

    • bradthebluefish

      I’ve always wondered this. Definitely confusing to me. How is McCoy comparable to Murray? How is Flacco comparable to Hurts? Nothing against the backups. But seems like the wrong fit to the system.

      • osfan9987

        Honestly Murray and McCoy are separated way more by ability then style, the cards and Murray run a ton of scramble but not straight designed runs, McCoy had some scramble ability at Texas, again the gap in talent overall and with decline due to age is huge but they could run a watered down and less effective version of the same system, in my opinion

    • Michael Chaney

      I always wondered this too. I mean, I guess ability is most important, but it would be really tough to adjust the offense on the fly if Kyler gets hurt and you have to put in McCoy.

      The Ravens have been good at this though, especially since drafting Lamar. They’ve had RG3 and Trace McSorley, and there’s a steep drop off from Lamar to them but the offense can still be run similarly.

    • supercarnie

      A backup QB when there in the capacity as a mentor is not there to replace the younger incumbent starter. He is there to act as a coach and work on how to read defenses and help with aspects of his game that need improvement. The backups strengths should be that to which can be taught to the future star to help make him a more complete quarterback.

    • Ak185

      I agree with the statement, but I don’t think it applies exactly here. McCoy can scramble. His arm is not as strong as Murray’s, but they play in similar fashions (or at least have played).

      As another poster brought up, Flacco and Hurts is however a perfect example of your post, MileHigh.

      • illowa

        i like what buffalo’s doing bringing in mitch to be the the backup to josh. the coaching staff takes it upon themselves to develop their qbs for their system instead of trying to have backups help that don’t fit.

  3. sunsympathizer

    Everybody that has commented wants the Cards to have a backup QB with a similar style to Murray?? Like Hundley? Streveler? Murray is unusually gifted with both an ability to run AND pass. I’d rather have a gifted passer than a run first QB. IMO, McCoy is an awesome signing.

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