Eagles Discussing Brandon Brooks Trade

Zach Ertz isn’t the only Eagles player potentially on the move. The Birds have also been discussing potential trades involving Brandon Brooks as of late, according to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated. 

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Brooks lost the 2020 season to a torn Achilles, his latest in a string of injuries. Still, he was considered one of the league’s better interior lineman when healthy. Brooks made the Pro Bowl every year from 2017-2019, despite a previous Achilles tear and a shoulder shoulder injury. All in all, he lived up to the lofty expectations set by his initial five-year, $62.5MM deal. That prompted the Eagles to lock him up with a four-year, $54.2MM pact in late 2019.

At the time of signing, the deal made Brooks the second-highest-paid guard in the game, with his $13.6MM AAV only trailing Zack Martin‘s $14MM/year. Now, as the Eagles look to remake their roster and trim salary, they’re willing to listen on offers. Brooks, who was able to practice before the end of the season, can be controlled through 2023 for a total of ~$53MM. This year, he’s on the books for a reasonable $10.5MM.

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14 comments on “Eagles Discussing Brandon Brooks Trade

  1. fathead0507

    So a team with O-Line issues wants to trade their best one coming off a serious injury, which minimizes his return value, to save few $$.. Nobody praising Howie anymore

    • adshadbolt

      They have to save a few bucks the cap is a hard cap in the nfl they have to get under it they have to many guys on the wrong side of thirty making a lot of money, their last few drafts have been atrocious they need inexpensive talent and they have none

    • htbnm57

      Much of the reason the OL wasn’t good last year was that many of the older high paid OL were injured ( many for multiple times in the last two years). The Eagles have to now make choices on whether they want to keep older injury prone players with large contracts or start the rebuild in earnest.

    • Simmons>Russ

      O line issues… the only issue was that guys were injured. On the roster right now they have Lame Johnson, Brandon Brooks, Jason Kelce and then have your choice to fill the last 2 spots from a bunch of decent players. Andre Dillard, Jordan Maitala and so on.
      The issues have been that either 1 of or multiple of Johnson, Brooks and Kelce have been injured and they didn’t have good enough back ups.
      But if everyone is fit they still have a good line.

  2. RockHauler

    I agree, let’s hope some idiot GM says, let me take a older guy, with a bloated contract for next 3 seasons, coming off not his first but second torn Achilles tear.
    I’m sure the multiple 1st round offers are pouring in! Maybe then can trade him straight up for DeShaun Watson?
    I’ve said it before last season the Eagles would be in cap hell and with the cap going down $20 mm from last year they are in the dungeon of hell’s basement!

  3. MileHighFan

    Maybe the Eagles should be packaging up all their former pro-bowl players and use them (plus Jalen Hurts) in a trade to Seattle or Houston.

  4. nentwigs

    “Eagles Discussing Brandon Brooks Trade”

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