Latest On FA OL Isaiah Wilson

Things aren’t looking up for Isaiah Wilson. We learned today that the embattled lineman was arrested back in January following “a high-speed car chase” in Georgia (via ESPN’s Turron Davenport).

According to the police report, an officer witnessed a car driving at speeds of 123 mph, leading to a pursuit. The chase was eventually called off when speeds exceeded 140 mph. The car ultimately crashed, and after observing Wilson emerge from the car’s sunroof, an ICE officer placed the player under arrest. A female was also in the vehicle and was arrested after police found a metal grinder filled with marijuana.

Per Davenport, Wilson was charged with “felony fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, speeding in a construction zone, reckless driving, reckless conduct, possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana, and possession and use of drug-related objects.”

The 29th overall pick of last year’s draft, Wilson was traded from the Titans to Miami earlier this month. It didn’t take him long to fall out of favor with his new team, as he allegedly “refused team efforts to help him to get his life on track.” The Dolphins decided to cut bait with the lineman this past weekend, and the 22-year0old passed through waivers unclaimed. According to Davenport, the Dolphins were aware of Wilson’s arrest prior to making the trade.

The offensive lineman from Georgia appeared in just one game as a rookie, playing only three offensive snaps, and was also suspended at one point for a violation of team rules. Considering his age and draft pedigree, Wilson will probably get a final chance from another organization, but continued off-the-field issues won’t help his case.

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36 comments on “Latest On FA OL Isaiah Wilson

    • fathead0507

      Because our new administration doesn’t want jail time for drug possession anymore

      • RoyalRedskin402

        Yeah its pathetic. Encourage criminality, don’t punish for it. I’m sure he just needs a social worker or something.

      • jellbuc

        Yeah remember that last guy. The one that really believed in enforcing the law, except of course when those rioting in the street and killing police officers supported him.

      • ‘Because our new administration doesn’t want jail time for drug possession anymore’

        You seriously want people thrown in jail for simply possessing weed?

          • Mr Bob Moose –
            Well then YOU can be responsible for paying the $50-75,000 per year to incarcerate them and deal with the overpopulated jails. Set sex offenders and murderers free early to make room for those pot smokers. Just to see them go back to their old habits once released because you haven’t dealt with the problem properly. It’s worked out soooo well so far, hasn’t it?

            • parx

              Lol goin to jail for possession of pot is the most backwards thing ever, billionaires manipulate the stock market to rob mr bob of his 401k but it’s the dang ol pot smokers

      • phillyballers

        140 mph is a felony offense… it’s 50 over the speed limit. I know a of someone that got the 1 yr jail sentence, and he was a detective in the PD driving out of state down south. I’d prefer making examples of public figures instead of letting them off the hook. The example they made of Plaxico was the right move IMO. Dude should spend a year in jail.

    • tammelinb

      No kidding. Maybe he got bail and is waiting trial and the article just didn’t cover it. But that amount of charges, no way he should be running around free

    • bencole

      Well, because it’s way to early to have jail time, for starters. He probably is just having, or is about to have, his first court date. But he’s unlikely to get jail time, or more than a few days, on the chase, unless he has a significant prior record. (Which I don’t know). And the marijuana, well, that’s silly. No one should ever go to jail for that again, in any capacity, no matter which party you support. That’s total nonsense.

      • vtncsc

        Next you’ll be saying no one should go to jail for __________ crimes as well.

        • myaccount

          Weed is becoming legal in many states, so yeah, nobody should go to jail for it.

        • vtncsc –
          I don’t think he will, because he seems to be a logical thinker. Unlike yourself

  1. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    There’s a lot of articles about this online. Everyone has their own slant, but consistent facts seems to be that he was arrested Jan 7 and released on Jan 8. I couldn’t find any mention of bail. At least one report I found said he was also in possession of acid. All reports also say that the Titans knew of the arrest and it was the last straw.

    Athletic talent gets you a lot of privilege in this world. I know the Dolphins took a flyer on him strictly for business reasons, but everything I’ve read says they talked with Wilson and offered honest help for him to get his life on track. If indeed that’s true, then Wilson is pretty much an idiot times a thousand.

    I imagine that once he realizes he’s out of money, he’ll (possibly) become more serious about appreciating his gifts and the offers of help…

    • tammelinb

      I hope he gets some serious help. Because he will end up in prison or dead on the path he’s going. Wasted talent. ‍♂️

    • Sponge

      I could not agree more. Once the money ends….and it will, he’ll want another shot and by that time, he may not be the same player he was when he left college. It is a shame. Another wasted talent with the chance to set his family up for generations to come.

  2. RyanO

    This guy must have a severe mental illness or something. Every article about him is wilder than the next.

    Driving high going over 140 mph and they ended up crashing, he’s lucky he’s alive.

    Someone in his family really needs to step in before he really hurts himself bc at this point it seems like it’s only a matter of time.

    • TJECK109

      Be willing to bet his family was the reason he has these issues. Probably lots of pressure to be the winner

    • DarkSide830

      again, the mental illness angle is a slippery slope. the line between an illness and stupidity can be quite blurry sometimes.

      • RyanO

        I agree and I’m not trying to sound like I’m denigrating mental illness. He could have bad CTE I don’t know. But his pattern of behavior seems to exceed that of just stupidity. But who knows maybe it is, regardless he seriously needs help.

  3. Polish Hammer

    Why is an ICE officer making such an arrest? He has nothing to do with car chases and drugs unless it pertains to immigration.

    • Yeah, I didn’t understand that part, either, but considering that it was a high speed chase, it might have been an ‘all hands on deck’ kind of situation.

  4. martevious

    Wow! I feel for the guy, in that he seems absolutely clueless and lost.

  5. Special Agent

    “Look at this guy…”

    This guy paid for the Johnny Football course on total NFL career self destruction.

    He’s taking it next level.

    That woman lucky to be alive. Hopefully she hasn’t spoken to him since.

  6. Wade Herbers

    Can’t fix stupid. Imagine being the passenger. Jesus Christ for stupid.

    Endangered the passengers life and the lives of anyone on the road.

    Like Dean Wermer said ” fat , drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life” Just substitute high for drunk and it fits to a T

  7. Dorothy_Mantooth

    You hate to see a young man throw away his career over stupid stuff like this. Hopefully he gets the help he needs and is able to reset his life. Until he does that, this kid has no chance to stick in the NFL. I’m glad he didn’t hurt anyone driving like that.

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