Dolphins Cut OL Isaiah Wilson

Isaiah Wilson‘s stint with the Dolphins has ended before it really began. Miami has cut the embattled offensive lineman, reports Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

According to Beasley, the Dolphins tried to help the struggling offensive lineman following his trade to the organization. However, the player “refused team efforts to help him to get his life on track.” Wilson reportedly showed up late for his physical, was late for his orientation with the organization, and skipped a pair of workouts that he had committed to. Beasley adds that the player also recently posted videos to social media that showed him “inhaling a vape and dancing shirtless on a car.” The Dolphins decision to cut the lineman came before those videos were posted.

The 2020 first-round pick played just four snaps as a rookie, running into multifront trouble last year. He was issued a trespass warning for attending a party at Tennessee State University last summer. That preceded a September DUI arrest. The Titans suspended Wilson in December and ended his season by placing him on the reserve/NFI list days later. Wilson voiced a desire to leave the Titans, in a since-deleted tweet, earlier this year.

That led to Wilson’s trade to Miami earlier this month. The Dolphins didn’t give up a whole lot for the lineman’s services; the team sent a 2021 seventh-round pick to the Titans in exchange for Wilson and a 2022 seventh-rounder.

Now, the lineman will hit waivers, but considering both the Titans’ and Dolphins’ willingness to bail on the highly-touted prospect, there’s a good chance he’ll hit free agency.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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52 comments on “Dolphins Cut OL Isaiah Wilson

  1. ruckus727

    You guys should delete then end of this article. Pretty sure that’s copy and pasted from the one when Miami acquired him.

  2. dust44

    Sounds like he’s got some mental health issues. Hopefully a Ex player reaches out and helps him get his life on track

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      He may, but a lot of his issues seem like they stem from a lack of maturity and common sense.

      Whatever the case, hopefully he can get his life together. If I’m an NFL GM, I wouldn’t touch this guy with a 10 foot pole until he plays somewhere else for awhile and proves he can be part of a team environment.

      • DarkSide830

        yeah, lets be realistic. people use the mental health argument on this site a lot, but that’s kinda a cop out. some people may have illnesses, but chalking up any unreasonable behavior to it is absurd. like people blaming AB being crazy on him getting concussed in the past. no, AB is just an idiot who doesn’t give a dang. dont make excuses for these guys.

        • j_butte

          Being a knucklehead isn’t a mental health issue. It’s a maturity issue. Well said.

          • emac22

            It isn’t?

            Does a sane person really get themselves drafted into the NFL and then throw it all away in a few months because they can’t stop partying?

            The amount of work, focus and dedication required to get drafted is really pretty crazy.

            The inability to keep a job after getting one paycheck isn’t about stupidity in my mind. It’s about your conscious mind just not being as strong as your subconscious urges.

            Mental health issues are very often assumed to be maturity issues and they can be but when they are associated with this level of blindness to reality and lack of self control I would argue it is usually because of an associated mental issue.

            • Ak185

              Mental health issues involve some sort of diagnosable physical symptom, even if that symptom is as seemingly minor as a hormone imbalance. If the guy is just behaving a certain way, that’s just who he is. Until a qualified physician makes that determination, it doesn’t seem like Wilson is mentally ill. He hasn’t done anything but behave a certain way. It would be nice to assume that he has a condition that could theoretically be treated, but maybe that’s just who he wants to be. In any case, it’s not really our business to speculate why, but he’s clearly not ready for the NFL right now.

              • Lou Evil Slugger

                Presumably the Titans and Dolphins Dr.’s have looked into it, probably brought in specialists who’ve looked at that. NFL franchises are going to do their due diligence before giving up on a player, and the fact that both have given up on him says a lot. Due to privacy issues if he was diagnosed with something that info would stay with the organizations.

            • DonOsbourne

              There is also such a thing as learned behavior. The reason many athletes have behavioral issues is because they have never been held accountable for anything. The “adults” in their lives identified them as a meal ticket early on and enabled and/or covered for their bad behavior to keep the player on the field.

            • j_butte

              I’m gonna quote the great Ron White…

              You gotta stop lumping crazy people into one category. What’s this guy do? He rolls his turds into little balls and eats crayons. Okay, what’s this guy do? He throws away multiple million dollars to party all the time and not show up to work…Well he should’ve rolled his turds into little balls and ate crayons cause the penalty is much less severe.

              I’m paraphrasing but you get it. He’s no more mentally ill than Ryan Leaf and Johnny Manziel. And it pains me to say it cause I’m a UGA guy, I love this kid but he’s a knucklehead. Hopefully he bottoms out soon and turns it around.

              • JoeBrady

                j_butte • 3 days ago
                You gotta stop lumping crazy people into one category.
                This cannot be repeated often enough. I was pretty much like Wilson at his age, but without a gazillion $$$. I had bad ADD, and I was so easily distracted that you could do a comedy skit. So once I discovered alcohol and other stuff, it aligned perfectly with the ADD issues.

                But a lot of that was also immaturity. I could have gotten regular meds. I could’ve gotten had a glass of wine at home, instead of going to the bar until 2 AM. And like Wilson, I behaved this way because I was good enough at my craft that they allowed me to get away with it.

        • tank62

          Thank you I’m so tired of these armchair doctors
          Being a lazy entitled jerk isn’t mental health

  3. bdpecore

    It seems as if Wilson’s life is spiraling out of control. I hope he is able to get his act together because he’s digging himself into quite the hole.

  4. tedtheodorelogan

    My little brother used to act like this guy. Then one time he took it too far and I beat the living crap out of him and made him join the navy. Now he has his act together.

    • daniel1-9

      More a level of maturity than stupidity. What were you doing at 21? If someone would have inflated my ego and threw a bunch of cash at you to boot? Yeah, you’d be an immature little shat too.

      • afsooner02

        Tons and tons of others in his position don’t so stop it with that b.s.

      • Daniel1-9 –
        I was a hell of a lot smarter that that at 21, as probably 95% or more people were. Sorry to hear that you weren’t and find this acceptable

  5. daniel1-9

    Minnesota should grab him off waivers. Sounds like they need each other. They could help each other right their ships. A risky endeavor perhaps…but potentially worth the reward.

  6. daniel1-9

    I just went back and looked through my draft notes and there was only one word I could find that I had scribbled down associated with Wilson – spaz

    • Daniel1-9 –
      But as you stated above, he was only 21 so how can you blame the guy. Are you arguing both sides of the fence now?

  7. jay13

    All the talent in the world and there is not one person in his camp there to open his eyes. Such a shame to see this.

  8. JayeT

    For 3 years there were no issues while he was at UGA. Seems someone may want to reach out to Coach Smart for some information.

  9. 05munds

    I hope he turned his life around not to be a football player but to live a happy and healthy life.

  10. GoChargers

    I wonder what the record is for most about of teams within a year of being a first round draft choice.

  11. smallball

    This has the Patriots written all over. History says he may even become a pro bowler.

    • driftcat28

      I was thinking that as well. Would definitely come cheap where the team could cut him at the first sign of trouble

    • DonOsbourne

      My guess would be the Cowboys. They have a history of taking chances on guys like this and some track record of success with it.

  12. Kevin Parsley

    How do you put in all that work in college, along with college classes to get graded that high in a draft and then get drafted and football is all you have to worry about and can’t do that?

  13. emac22

    Probably need to wait for the moron to run out of money.

    Once the loan sharks own his fat ass they’ll make sure to keep him in line if any teams are still willing to use debt slaves.

  14. angt222

    1st round pick and an opportunity millions in America would run through a brick wall for. Pity to see him throw it away.

  15. Eatdust666

    Maybe the Raiders could pick him up, they’re ruining their offensive line which had been a top tier unit and they have a history of giving chances to plays with off the field issues.

    • JoeBrady

      I was thinking the same thing. I’d have the company shrink poke around Wilson’s mind to see if this might be attributed to something else, ADD perhaps.

      Or, even if it is drugs, a shrink might be able to decipher Wilson’s willingness to confront the problem. There’s a really good story about Darren Waller.

      link to

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