Packers To Re-Sign Kevin King

The Packers are bringing back Kevin King (Twitter link via’s Tom Pelissero). The cornerback will return on a one-year deal worth $6MM. 

The Packers nabbed King in the second-round of the 2017 draft due to concerns about his health. If not for injuries, King would have been a top-32 choice, so the Packers saw the Washington product as a strong value. Though he’s flashed serious ability at times, Packers fans haven’t been wild about his coverage on the whole. King has shown a knack for clutch interceptions in the past, but the memory of his NFC Championship Game performance is still fresh.

King, who hauled in five interceptions in 2019, will return in 2021 to pair with lead corner Jaire Alexander.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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39 comments on “Packers To Re-Sign Kevin King

  1. cobbalicious

    Man Kevin king loses the season for them and they still wanted him back smh.

    • amk1920

      I feel so bad for Rodgers. They are the most pathetic franchise that has an elite QB in football.

      • bdpecore

        I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration since both Seattle and Houston have their franchise QBs requesting trades. But I agree the Packers are not very aggressive when it comes to free agency albeit Gute has been more willing to utilize free agency to fill needs than Ted Thompson.

        • amk1920

          On the surface those teams are definitely worse but there is something to be said about continually refusing to make a big move or get your QB any help from outside the organization. If the Packers were ran like the Rams they would have 3 rings with Rodgers by now.

          • CamFrost

            If the Rams were ran like the Packers, they wouldn’t need to be trading for a QB to hopefully get over the hump. Just bc a team is active in FA doesn’t mean they’re automatically going to be successful. No matter who you have on the team already.

            Gute signed Z. Smith, P. Smith, Amos and Billy Turner just 2 off-seasons ago. How quickly ppl forget about those signings. Or the money he’s spent on retaining their CURRENT star players like Aaron Jones, Clark, Adams, and Bakhtiari (Plus Alexander when he needs to be re-signed next year). They prefer to draft and develop. Not go into every offseason feeling they have to make a splash.

            • amk1920

              You’re 1dt sentence is ridiculous, Rodgers was drafted 16 years ago. Billy Turner is the only major FA they have given Rodgers on the offense. And it doesn’t have to be free agents. Trades is more of what I was referring to. Could have got DeAndre Hopkins for a 1st rounder but no gotta take Jordan Love instead.

              • CamFrost

                Gutekunst has been with the team since 1998 and worked under the man that drafted Rodgers.

                I’m sure you’re the type of person that crapped on the Packers taking Rodgers when they had Favre. That was a pick that was supposed to keep them relevant post-Favre. And it did. They have a plan.

                You have no clue what the FO offers to teams. To just throw out hypothetical offers or what they SHOULD HAVE done is just nonsense. Why didn’t ANY other team offer a 1st? Do you know no one else did?

                Lastly, why does it have to be free agents that have to be brought in? They’ve drafted top flight offensive talent in Rodgers career. They have a top 5-10 RB from the draft. They have arguably the best WR in football from the draft. They have a TE that caught 11 TDs as a guy they picked up as an UDFA. MVS had a hell of a game in the NFC championship. Stop being to consumed with free agency. It’s where you go to overpay players that many teams eventually cut anyways.

      • amk1920 –
        Your comment is pathetic. The most pathetic franchise that has been one of the most successful in the entire NFL over the last 25+ years. Get a clue and get out of your moms basement. That’s a comment a teenager would make

      • fisher40

        What a stupid comment. 4 losing seasons in the last 29 years and they’re a pathetic franchise?? Go back to the learning tree son

      • toddkirchenberg

        Most pathetic … Miami never won a Super Bowl with Dan Marino. Seattle and Houston’s elite QB’s want to be traded. Manning won one Super Bowl in Indy. It’s not easy to win a Super Bowl. They are just not a free agency team. Never really ever have been in the last 20 years. This year they have 0 cap space.

  2. CamFrost

    I know fellow Packers fans will hate this after the NFCCG. But for $6 mil/1, it’s not a bad deal to make. King is solid.

    • HailRodgers12$

      Can’t tackle, cover, or stay healthy. For $6 million, I could do that much.

  3. sidewinder11

    Could have spent 3.5 million more and signed Fuller (assuming he would be interested in joining GB). Packers fans have a right to be frustrated here.

  4. tammelinb

    King is a disaster. Pay me $3M a year, I can miss tackles, give up big plays, and spend more time in the trainers room than on the field. Looks like AR and the offense will have to score 50 a game now

    • tammelinb –
      Yeah, because they had to score 50 a game to go 13-3 each of the last 2 years with King, right? What is up with all these teenagers on the comment boards these days? A whole lot of smart a**es on here lately

  5. RWBlueshirts

    Terrible. Why can’t Gutey just cut his losses. Should’ve cut Smith and Lowry and now he brings back this stiff.

    • HailRodgers12$

      It would have cost just as much to cut P Smith as it did to rework his deal. He can still make a difference, IF the new DC doesn’t follow Pettine’s playbook and have him drop off in coverage so much.

  6. lambeau gang

    Not sure why the Packers didn’t sign Casey Hayward instead. Much better track record, would be (relatively) affordable, and has a solid history with GB. Let’s hope Kevin King bounces back this year…

  7. beerncheese

    Good signing. Glad we now have a good #2 CB on roster before draft. Remember during the season he was just one of our FA’s we would like to keep but knew we could lose. Now we kept him. Not splashy but glad we have a decent stop gap.

    Coaches blew the call in NFC championship. Every player was confused and yes King got beat.

    My guess is he is best CB for this money out there. Now first round CB is not a must.

    • HailRodgers12$

      It won’t be.
      And remember, its a 1 year deal, so they’ll need to draft HIS replacement next month.

  8. ARKScout

    It’s just tough to watch King and not be reminded of how this organization was handed TJ Watt, arguably the best 3-4 OLB in football at a time when edge rusher was a major need and inexplicably passed on him to move down in the draft to draft either King or Deshone Kizer who the team was strongly considering with that pick but thankfully was taken a few picks ahead of them by Cleveland. And then used the extra pick to draft Watts teammate at UW, Vince Beigel who barely made ut out of his first training camp in Green Bay. Makes one wonder is Ted Thompson, who it’s been documented was suffering from early stages of dementia got the two UW OLBs confused when watching film. Watt was a blue chip prospect who only slipped to the Packers pick late in round one because of the strong draft class he was a part of. King wasnt even the top CB on his team at Washington, just another workout warrior who moved up draft boards with his combine numbers. Gotta hope this was plan B and the Packers were outbid for some of the other FA CBs who have come off the board already.

    • Yeah that Kevin King/TJ Watt fiasco was (and still is) a tough one to swallow. That’s the one thing about the Packers that kills me just about every year…their GM thinks he’s smarter than everyone else in the room on draft day and leaves us all with a feeling of WTF!!! It doesn’t matter if it was Ted Thompson or Gutenkunst making the picks. They both have consistently seemed to draft guys a round or two (or more) earlier than projected and ignore areas of need. It’s amazing the team has been as successful as it’s been with all of the questionable picks over the last 10-15 years. Aside from King, these guys have selected Ahmad Carroll, Demarious Randall, Justin Harrell, Datone Jones, Derek Sherrod, Jason Spriggs, Josh Jones. etc….and then Jordan Love last year when a QB was the last thing we needed. So many wasted 1st and 2nd round picks!

      I love the Packers but man, draft night is an annual cringe-worthy event around here!

  9. jessethegreat

    R.e.l.a.x. Packers earned the #1 seed in the NFC rostering and starting King last year.

    He’s far from perfect, but with better scheming (I.E. someone that actually utilizes blitzes and press coverage at least once a game) they could likely be in a better position to succeed.

    At minimum this gives the Packers familiarity with their defense and allows them to not look blatantly obvious that their first pick will be a corner. 6 Million is higher than I’d have expected, but perhaps it’s incentive laden?

    • Jessethegreat –
      Thank you! Finally someone with a brain and some sense of reason!

  10. Ak185

    King isn’t great but he’s also being misused. He can’t be matched up with receivers on an island, especially on a deep ball throwing team, or a receiver with speed. King needs to press and use his size to take advantages of mismatches with safety help over the top. In short, use him like a lesser Richard Sherman in 2013. King can’t hold up on deep routes on his own because he’s a bit stiff in flipping his hips at times and doesn’t have the speed. He can, however, use his size to jam receivers early if he has help over the top. I hoped that Green Bay would make some kind of adjustment in the NFCG, but they did not and Rodgers got screwed again.

  11. jwoh13512

    The GM should know better than any of us what a guys worth. He can look at what King did on every play during the season. As fans we only remember the big plays he gave up against Tampa Bay. I’ll trust the GM on this one. Hopefully he drafts well this year. We’re going to keep having salary cap issues every year for at least the next 3 or 4 years so we need to bring in some good young cheap talent.

  12. wrigleyhawkeye

    Texans sign Desmond King to 1 year at $3.5M. Packers sign Kevin King to 1 year for $6M. Kevin King ain’t half the player Desmond King is and Desmond King is a return man.

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