Ryan Fitzpatrick Leaning Toward Retirement?

As recently as the beginning of February, Ryan Fitzpatrick sounded like he had every intention of playing in 2021, but that might no longer be the case.

“For me, personally, I have to take every offseason and reassess. These last two years have really re-lit that fire under me. I still want to play, and I enjoy being out there playing,” Fitz said at the time. Now however, it “looks like he’s going to retire,” veteran NFL reporter John Clayton writes for 104.3 The Fan Denver. Clayton writes that the Broncos had “some contact” with Fitzpatrick, but “it looks like he’s going to be out of the mix.”

Perhaps Fitzpatrick has decided that if he can’t find a starting gig, he’ll hang up his cleats. In Denver he’d be veteran competition for Drew Lock, and it’s possible Fitz has no interest in another situation like last year, when he was used to push Tua Tagovailoa with the Dolphins. This news is also more confirmation that the Broncos are in fact serious about Lock not being handed the starting job.

If it really is the end of the line for FitzMagic, it’d wrap up an incredible NFL journey. The 250th pick of the 2005 draft has defied all odds, sticking in the league for 16 seasons while playing for eight different teams.

The 38-year-old has started 146 games in the league, an achievement nobody ever could’ve seen coming for the Harvard product. We should know more about his future soon with the start of free agency right around the corner.

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17 comments on “Ryan Fitzpatrick Leaning Toward Retirement?

  1. afsooner02

    He’s better than at least 10 starting QBs out there, some on possible playoff teams if he played for them….but if you’re done, you’re done.

    • cka2nd

      F’eh. Most overrated QB in the league. A nice mentor/bridge QB, but no more.

      Three winning seasons in 16 years, only one as a full-time starter, and that was the only one where he actually won more than two more games than he lost. He’s a marginally more successful Case Keenum.

  2. wildboys

    If he doesn’t get a starting gig, which I think he should, a return to Buffalo for a SB run would be nice.

  3. ruckus727

    One of my all time favorite QBs. I’d love to read an autobiography some day about his life and career journey. I bet he has some great stories. Loved him coming out for the post game presser in Desean Jackson’s clothes and jewelry after taking over for Jameis and lighting it up. Classic!

    • Yeah that was hilarious. I hope he plays a few more years…the league is more entertaining with Fitz in it, that’s for sure!

  4. MileHighFan

    Fitzpatrick probably wants to spend some quality time with his seven kids, as moving from city to city is a real burden on school age kids.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Hope Fitzmagic doesn’t retire just yet. The guy is definitely a positive lockerroom presence.

  6. julyn82001

    Fitzmagic is just a tremendous QB! So much talent to flash still! Age is so overrated!

    • Washington, New England, Chicago, possibly Philly, Denver, Carolina, Saints (?)….there are quite a few places he could start depending on how the rest of the offseason/draft play out. Hope he comes back as there’s definitely a place for him in the league

      • Aaron Johnson

        Agree. But I don’t think he wants to get himself into another QB battle where the front office would prefer the other guy. That probably rules out Philli, and maybe the Saints.

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