Saints CB Marshon Lattimore Arrested

Cleveland Police arrested Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore for possession of a loaded handgun believed to be stolen Thursday night, according to Mike Triplett of Authorities charged Lattimore with receiving stolen property, a fourth-degree felony.

Lattimore was booked into Cuyahoga County Jail. The Cleveland native was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over for multiple traffic violations, according to Cleveland Police, who also charged Lattimore for possession of a concealed weapon.

Lattimore’s attorney, Marcus Sidoti, called the matter a “misunderstanding.” The 24-year-old corner is expected to be released from jail Saturday morning, Triplett tweets.

The Pro Bowl defender is going into his fifth-year option season. With a $10.2MM cap hit on the Saints’ books, the team was interested in extending its top cover man. It is now possible Lattimore’s fifth season will include a suspension under the league’s personal conduct policy, though that is not a certainty at this point.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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18 comments on “Saints CB Marshon Lattimore Arrested

  1. tank62

    Sounds like he got set up. Should have had a fall guy right cris carter?

  2. secretsatan

    Already whispers about a suspension. Meanwhile, every woman in Houston has a lawsuit out against DeShaun Watson for sexual misconduct and all anyone cares about is whether he’ll be traded

    • He’ll go on the Commissioners List and then resurface a little while later to win the Super Bowl with Tom Brady.

    • DarkSide830

      who cares about whispers. doesnt matter until a decision on a suspension will be made. chances are if only one gets suspended it will be Watson.

  3. jorge78

    Oh, well, if it’s only a misunderstanding! As they
    say in D.C. these days
    “Let’s move on, no sense
    in dwelling on the past.”

    • rusty.coqbern

      No dwelling on the past (So they shouldn’t be worried about Christ either, that was a long time ago, let it go as Bill Hicks would say).. hahaha, life is a comedy

  4. rusty.coqbern

    Oooh, phew! It was just a miss understanding… Now I can sleep tonight.. hahahaha

    Nothing to see here, carry on… hahahaha, this is amazing

  5. crosseyedlemon

    If your going into your option year trying to get a lucrative extension it never hurts to have some extra ammunition when it’s time to negotiate.

  6. I’m not specifically commenting on this case necessarily, but a whole lot of defense attorneys are just the absolute worst people in the entire world. There are exceptions of course, and the good ones should be applauded, but most of them will lie through their teeth for a dollar and/or search for the smallest loophole to get people off who they damn well know are guilty. Thanks to these scumbags, the rest of society gets to continue living with rapists, child molesters, stalkers, con men, and murderers in their midst. i don’t understand how these people sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror. It seems that they must be sociopaths like the clients they represent.

  7. jkoko

    Just can’t wrap my head around players that do this and they have everything right in front of them

  8. dalton2green22

    It’s amazing what money can do. Our judicial system is so rigged. Once a thug, always a thug. Misunderstanding huh? Let me guess….. he found the weapon and was on his way to turn it in to da popo.

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