Vikings GM Rick Spielman: Kirk Cousins Is Our Quarterback, We Anticipate Having Danielle Hunter

The Vikings were a big disappointment in 2020, sparking some murmurs that the team could potentially look to move on from Kirk Cousins. Mike Zimmer tried to nip that in the bud about a month ago, and now Minnesota GM Rick Spielman is coming down emphatically.

Kirk Cousins is our quarterback,” Spielman said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “I know there’s a lot of rumors floating around out there, but Kirk Cousins is our quarterback. We felt that he played very well, probably the best that he’s ever played down that stretch last year. Kirk is our quarterback going forward, and I look forward to him (having) another year in this system.”

Some people connecting dots have floated the 49ers as a potential landing spot due to Cousins’ history with Kyle Shanahan, but that sounds exceedingly unlikely. Cousins signed an extension around this time last year that has him wrapped up through the 2022 season. Assuming Cousins is on the roster past March 19th, his 2022 salary of $35MM becomes guaranteed, so they won’t be able to just dump him after this season if he doesn’t perform.

Spielman also provided an update on star pass-rusher Danielle Hunter. There had been a report last year that Hunter would look for a trade if Minnesota didn’t adjust his contract, but Spielman said he hasn’t heard anything about a possible trade demand.

Hunter, who had 14.5 sacks in both 2018 and 2019, didn’t play at all last year due to a herniated disk in his neck. Spielman said his rehab has gone well, “he looks in great shape,’’ and that “we anticipate him being here.’’

He also said the team anticipates having defensive tackle Michael Pierce back in the fold in 2021. Pierce signed a three-year, $27MM deal with the team last March, but then opted out of the season due to COVID-19.

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20 comments on “Vikings GM Rick Spielman: Kirk Cousins Is Our Quarterback, We Anticipate Having Danielle Hunter

    • ron swanson

      Except that his $35m salary for 2022 becomes guaranteed on March 19th as the article states.

        • cka2nd

          He can be traded away at any time – with cap consequences – given that he gave up his no-trade clause when he signed the extension.

  1. MileHighFan

    Cousins is no Superman, but you could do a lot worse. The Vikings’ problem is their defense, not their offense.

    • deuceball

      They could get 2 jj watts for what they’re paying him. Instead that money is going to a good not great qb. The contract and lack of potential probably makes it the worst qb situation in the league. Should’ve cut their losses last year instead of extending him.

      • Brownsbacker9

        So if you get two JJ Watts, who’s gonna be your QB? Good QB’s aren’t free.

      • I give no fox

        Worst qb situation in the league due to a bad contract and lack of potential you say? Jared goff and Carson wentz have joined the chat

      • astick

        You have nothing to support him being “good”. He is way above average. That’s better than good. You’re just citing what espn tells you.

  2. bradthebluefish

    Vikings are a good team that had a bad start to the season. They should be contenders this year.

    • crosseyedlemon

      They have a better front office than the Lions or our Bears but I can’t understand their addiction to 7th round picks.

      • cka2nd

        The last couple of years, half of those 7th rounders have been compensatory picks from free agency. And what Spielman did with the Day 3 picks the Bills threw in with the first for Diggs was turn them into 4th rounders this year.

  3. letmeclearmythroat74

    I used to date a hottie named Danielle … never seen that spelling for a male before.

    • Gus Leggett

      Its all in how you pronounce it. Your gf was probably DAN-yell, whereas Hunter is Duh-KNEEL. But you probably already knew that.

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