49ers Considering Mac Jones At No. 3

Alabama quarterback Mac Jones is squarely “in the conversation” for the 49ers at No. 3 overall, according to ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter (Twitter link). Presumably, that group also includes Trey Lance and/or Justin Fields, who are eager to showcase themselves in front of John Lynch & Co. 

Needless to say, Trevor Lawrence won’t be there for them. BYU’s Zach Wilson probably won’t be available either, now that the Jets have moved on from Sam Darnold. The Niners say they’d be comfortable with three quarterbacks in this year’s class, which is why they vaulted up from No. 12 in last week’s trade.

We looked at how our four years have gone and we looked at how we want the next four years to go and we looked at where we’re at in the draft and the options that are there,’ head coach Kyle Shanahan said earlier this month. “And that’s why sitting there looking at this stuff since January and going all the way through the process, we felt pretty strongly we were gonna be left at the altar sitting there at 12.”

Neither Shanahan nor Lynch attended Lynch’s pro day at North Dakota State. Instead, they went to Tuscaloosa to watch Jones throw. Jones was pegged as a mid-first round type just a few weeks ago but, apparently, the Niners are quite serious about making him the third overall pick.

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51 comments on “49ers Considering Mac Jones At No. 3

  1. giant

    Don’t know why they had to trade up to 3 to pick Jones they could get him later than 3

    • superdude

      Just typical Shanahan smoke screening. Justin Fields is going to be the man.

    • myaccount

      If you read the article, you would notice it’s reported by Adam Schefter, who is probably the best in the business. This report also doesn’t say SF will take Mac, just that they haven’t ruled him out.

      • JJKoolaid

        So what it came from Schefter, he doesn’t work for the 49ers. It could’ve came directly from Shanahan personally and I still wouldn’t believe it. Smokescreens are typical just before the draft unless it’s the obvious like Jax

    • superdude

      Just typical Shanahan smoke screening. Justin Fields is going to be the man.

      • sportsguy033

        Why would he need to smoke screen? They clearly traded up to number 3 knowing Lawrence is going first and Wilson is going 2nd. There’s no reason to pretend you want Mac Jones if you really want fields when you have the choice. I like fields more too but it’s pretty clear Jones is going to be the pick at this point, sorry.

        • superdude

          The smoke screen is getting the Jets in biteing and taking Jones. Everyone perfumes the Jets are taking Wilson but the Jets themselves have never made it clear who they are picking. Gamenship at its best.

          • Tatsumaki

            Superdude you have no idea what your talking about.

            A. Fields sucks, mediocre arm talent with wheels we have seen this before.

            B. No one is smokescreening. Jets are taking wilson and jags are taking lawerence.

            C. You just hope niners don’t make a dumb mistake by trading up for a mid round qb which it seems like they are going to do.

            • superdude

              Niners didn’t give up 3 first round picks to select Jones who’s just a marginal difference better then Garropolo. Fields is going to be the guy as they whiffed on DeShaun Watson once. They are not doing it twice.

              • superdude

                Nick Saban is saying Shanahan and Lynch never talked to him about Mac Jones. Believe me they are not taking him.

            • 2joes_1backfield

              Says another poster has no idea what they’re talking about
              Says Fields has mediocre arm talent….okay buddy

            • jay13

              Taki, I am on board with you, except the marginal arm talent. Fields can make the throws with no issues.

        • bubbs

          well if Mac Jones is the pick and he had mortgage the farm to get him I don’t think that Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch will with the 49ers for very long cause that is wrong pick he can not get them over hump and I think he is more of a Ryan Leaf than a Payton Manning in this Draft

      • mrshyguy99

        When has Shannon ever had a mobile QB?? What makes you think fields is the guy? browns hoyer , falcons Ryan’s, skins never was a fan of RGIII , wanted cousins over him , than dump kap for jimmy g .

        • $crewBaLL

          que in Morgan Freeman pointing the finger ” he’s got a point you know”

  2. dandan

    If they draft Jones and he flops, they’d probably be fired. Lynch and Shanahan aren’t that stupid.

    • sportsguy033

      If the quarterback they pick at 3 flops, they’re getting fired no matter who the pick is. They’re going to take the guy they think is best for shanahans system.

      I completely agree with most that Mac Jones at 3 is crazy, but it sure seems like he’s the guy they want.

    • I give no fox

      In all fairness, if whoever they draft flops then they are getting fired. You can’t trade that many picks and whiff and stay employed

  3. Yep it is

    Hope they take Mac Jones. He has BUST written all over him. Unfortunately the 9ers aren’t that stupid.

    • mrshyguy99

      Well who else would they take Shannon never been a fan of mobile QBs never had one every where he coach . I believe he was the reason kap got toss . . Rumors even said he wasn’t a fan of RGIII why you think they took two QBs in one draft. Even when the browns took Jonny it was rumored he wanted jimmy g over him

    • amk1920

      They drafted Solomon Thomas at 3. Unless its a slam dunk like Bosa they could make a bad pick.

    • Ak185

      Care to explain why Jones has “bust” written all over? Or are you just doing that thing where you talk bad about anything not Chiefs related?

      In all honestly, the quarterback choice really doesn’t matter that much in a system like Shanahan’s. As long as he’s a good game manager, the guy will be what they want. Shanahan will want to control the game as much as possible-he’s not going to let a guy go out there and scramble around making plays or throw it up and down the yard. That’s why trading up to three was a mistake in my eyes for the 9ers, but only because they really don’t seem to be the type of team who will let a QB create his own plays on the field (sort of like their division rival Rams).

      Jones, if picked, will likely just have to do what the gameplan tells him, and decision making has never been a poor area for him. He’s likely the best in the draft in that one area, with Trevor Lawrence being possibly as good or better.

        • Ak185

          Because they think it does. What I’m saying is that, in Shanahan’s system, the QB is controlled heavily in his decision making by the playcalling, more so than other schemes. As long as the guy can manage the game, he will fit. Garappolo’s health is the main reason he’s gone, not his ability. Shanahan is never going to coach a 40 touchdown QB because he doesn’t really want his starter throwing all over the yard and making plays. He wants a game manager who can make necessary throws and be an extension of himself on the field.

          It does matter who they have, I’ll rephrase, but it doesn’t have to be Trevor Lawrence, or even Mac Jones. It could be anyone who can manage a game and make good decisions if they really needed a starter. The ability is extra on top of that. Great to have, helps a lot, but it’s not going to be featured in San Fran like it would, say, by Bruce Arians or Andy Reid.

      • fishy14

        Why not just sign Andy Dalton then instead of next 3-1st rd picks being for Mac jones

  4. kevin

    so lynch is the GM and now he’s also the QB at North Dakota State . could have swore Trey Lance was the QB there and it would be Lance’s pro day not Lynch. might wanna fix that

    • 4eyedcoupe

      Proof-reading doesn’t exist at the rumors sites. It’s terrible. If the author can’t be bothered to take a minute and read what they have written, then they shouldn’t expect anyone else to read it.

  5. dombrowski

    Jones is going to be the pick and he’s going to be an excellent QB for a long time. The best QBs don’t possess the most athleticism or even arm talent, they process the game pre-snap and adjust to the higher percentage play. By all accounts, that is Mac’s strength. He’s the guy at 3 and the 9ers are making the right call.

  6. billybilly

    Mac Jones makes the most sense for San Fran. Why they had to go to 3 is another question all together. They didn’t trade up that high to draft any other position that’s for sure. I’m certain they felt pressured from NE “wanting” Jones and felt NE may try to jump them. At least they put themselves in a position where that won’t happen. Might not be the smartest choice but they’ll get their guy for certain

  7. Simmons>Russ

    1. Lawrence
    2. Wilson (will turn out a dud)
    3. Lance
    4. Pitts
    5. Sewell
    6. Chase
    7. Waddle
    8. Surtain
    9. Fields
    10. Farley
    11. Parsons
    12. Smith
    13. Slater
    14. Paye
    15. Jones
    16. Horn

    Would’ve had Fields 8, but the Darnold trade doesn’t make sense.

    • jay13

      I don’t think the Lions touch a WR not named Chase or Pitts in the first round at 7. Now if they trade down, different story.

      Good chance they roll the dice with Fields.

  8. MileHighFan

    It would be refreshing for either Alabama or Ohio State to produce an actual NFL quarterback for a change. Could this be the year to break that 50+ year old trend?

  9. thebluemeanie

    I love reading how many think of you think so many of these guys will be busts having never played one down of pro ball.

  10. 4eyedcoupe

    “Neither Shanahan nor Lynch attended Lynch’s pro day at North Dakota State.”


  11. soxaholic

    Pretty sure Brady just won the Super Bowl. Decision making wins games, regardless of mobility. You need QBs who run the offense. So who makes the best decisions? Only so many Russ Wilsons to go around.

  12. padam

    Knew it, if true. Lynch is ballsy and the 9ers probably didn’t want to chance losing what they believe to be their QB for the next 10+ years. I’m sure BB and the Pats where sniffing around regarding Jones and the 9ers didn’t want to chance it. Jones may not tear up the sheet on athleticism, but he’s proven to be a good leader and winner.

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