49ers Seeking First-Round Pick For Jimmy Garoppolo?

The 49ers are asking for a first-round pick in exchange for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, according to Mike Giardi of NFL.com (on Twitter). That’s likely more than any team would be willing to spend, given Garoppolo’s recent struggles. 

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After vaulting up to the No. 3 overall pick, the Niners seem poised to select a new QB. And, even before that deal, they were keeping tabs on embattled Texans QB Deshaun Watson. Still, the 49ers insist that Garoppolo is staying put.

We went to ownership and said, ‘Hey, things are looking good. We’d like to make this move, but we also don’t want to say goodbye to Jimmy,” Lynch said. “We’ve shown we can get to a Super Bowl with him. We can play at a high level and we don’t think those two things have to be mutually exclusive.”

Meanwhile, there’s been chatter about the Patriots potentially reuniting with Garoppolo, especially since Cam Newton‘s new contract is light on guaranteed cash. Still, it’s hard to imagine the Pats meeting this asking price, especially since they received a second-round pick when they shipped him to SF in 2017.

Garoppolo played all 16 games in San Francisco’s 2019 NFC Championship season, but played in only three in 2018 and just six this past year. The 49ers went 3-3 in the 29-year-old’s starts this season, with Garoppolo completing 67.1% of his throws for 1,096 yards, seven touchdowns, and five interceptions.

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67 comments on “49ers Seeking First-Round Pick For Jimmy Garoppolo?

  1. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I’m not sure I buy that they’re going to hold to that ask. If they are, he’s not going anywhere. Third round pick is probably the most they get, if they find someone desperate.

        • dandan

          Nope, but they’re plenty dumb enough to pass on Watson and Mahomes for Trubisky only to get rid of him for someone older and even worse.

      • ahale224

        Is their pick high enough in the first to get Jimmy G? They should probably trade up a few spots to make sure nobody with a better first makes an offer.

  2. DarkSide830

    he’s worth it but they waited too long and already commited to drafting one. they have no leverage.

    • Dio

      They still have leverage but were always going to saddled with finding a trade partner for his contract. Any team taking him on would have to mortgage some future in dead money of course the “he is very much a part of our plans” is nothing more than a line. Have to wait until a contender loses their starting QB to injury at this point though. I doubt they get much more than. 5th at this time.

      • rondon

        They waited too long and would’ve had way more leverage earlier in the off season, especially with the Bears. And now after all the “He’s our guy” bs from Lynch, I have no doubt Garoppolo wants out.

        • sportznut1000

          @rondon “i have no doubt Garoppolo wants out”

          Yeah thats great, because the rest of us have no doubt that the niners want garoppolo out. This is definitely his last year

      • emarque

        They don’t have much leverage since Jimmy can veto any trade this year.

    • Mystic Rhythms

      He’s worth it? 25 games of middle of the road stats over the past 3 years (23 games missed) and you think he is worth a 1st round pick? I can’t think of a single team that would make that trade.

      • padam

        So discount the fact he’s made it to the show? I’d move a second rounder for him for sure. 20+ in the first and QB is what the team needs to be a contender, I’d do that as well.

        • KCJ

          Padam –
          You’re entitled to think what you want, but what I think is that I’m reaaalllly happy that you’re not the GM of my favorite team

        • twentyforty

          I’m looking for 20,000 for a can of leftover nails to…doesn’t mean anyone is dumb enough to pay it.

      • DarkSide830

        last time he was healthy and had a healthy team around him he made it to the Super Bowl and could have at the very least made a game of it if his HC allowed him to throw the ball.

        • tcogle

          Maybe there was a reason the HC didn’t want him to throw the ball. Most of his yards that he threw were behind to 3 yards past the line of scrimmage. Most of his passing yards came from his receivers talents.

          • Ak185

            I disagree heartily there. San Fran had one great RAC receiver their Super Bowl year, and that was Samuel. They’re built for that style, but that year did not have the weapons that fit their philosophy (especially after Pettis proved to be a bust). That’s why they drafted Aiyuk last year.

            The 9ers’ consistent dedication to drafting or signing undersized, middle of the road talent at that position is one reason their passing attack isn’t better, honestly. They need a good possession receiver or fifty-fifty guy to complement Garrappolo’s preferred style. Shanahan would prefer to let the pass augment the run, but he gets too smart for his own good and trusts in his gameplan too much at times in my opinion. Meaning, when the game gets tight, he restricts his quarterback’s risk taking, which is a bit opposite of what Garrappolo would rather do. Then against tough matchups, Shanahan struggles making adjustments and does things like taking his quarterback out of the game in a closely contested championship game. Aside from the Sanders overthrow-which is mostly on Garrappolo-Shanahan played his QB too close to his chest in the second half. Garrappolo is actually a bit of a gunslinger-he likes to give his receivers chances to make plays on the ball, which is in my opinion the opposite of what Shanahan wants, which is control and safer throws.

            I’ve always been of the opinion that Garrappolo actually wasn’t the best fit for the Shanahan offense, which employs small RAC receivers and ball control. It’s not all bad, though: Garrappolo, like any risk taker, has probably been helped though by letting Shanahan minimize his risk taking. However, his style is just different. He’s adapted and run the offense as well as he could, but I don’t think Garrappolo will ever change into that Jared Goff-Sean McVay type extension of Shanahan on the field. They’re just too different.

            • KCJ

              Ak185 –
              It’s been said that the best ability is availability, and he ain’t got it. Period.

              • Ak185

                True, he does not. That’s we’re having this discussion, and that’s why Garappolo is worth a second and not a first. The difference between our arguments is that I believe that Garappolo is not worthless and still does have singular value as a player, even if it’s less than it otherwise would be. If his health issues weren’t not just that-issues-then ponying up a first for a starter with a winning record, affordable contract, and playoff experience would be a no brainer. As it is, he DOES have availability questions and that’s why he’d be worth a second and not a first. A third is too low on its own for a player who very well will start again this year.

        • sportznut1000

          Made a game of it?

          The niners were up late in the 4th quarter. How much more of a game were you expecting?

  3. jay13

    Exactly, they lost their leverage. Now they must wait unless they find someone desperate.

  4. TJECK109

    If BOB was still in Houston I could see a first rounder being sent.

  5. Buzz Saw

    It would be a huge mistake getting rid of him BEFORE you find out if the QB you are drafting is Alex Smith 2.0 or even worse

    • rondon

      Maybe, but they wouldn’t have paid the huge price to move up for a QB if they believed in the one they have. And I’ll bet Garoppolo wants out of there now.

    • mcdusty49

      Alex Smith had some good years there under Harbaugh, it is tough for a QB to gain any traction when playing under a new OC every season

      • MileHighFan

        Alex Smith is finished. What’s left of his leg isn’t enough to play a full season of football.

  6. MileHighFan

    It doesn’t need to be a first round pick in 2021, thus they can wait until June if they need to. By then the Panthers or the Bears might come calling.

  7. Gk_holiday

    Jimmy has proven to be worth a 3rd at the most, from a very desperate team, on his best day.

    • rct

      Actually, on his best day, he’s easily worth a first. It’s just that he doesn’t have many because he’s constantly injured.

      • Mr Goodkat

        Not when you’re trading for his current contract and likely an extension at some point.

        2nd max. Likely a 2022 2nd. More likely a 2021 3rd & 5th or something.

  8. Tom Emansk1

    If they trade him for Darnold, both teams could pretend like they got “first round value” for their guy

    • CoachWe

      Agree with take, but while Darnold has had an issue with interceptions, at least he has 1st round skills (stuck playing for a terrible team). Darnold did not have the benefit of playing with a roster like the 49ers team, or with a QB friendly coach like Shanahan. Garropolo does not have a 1st round skill set. Even at his very best, his coach was afraid to let him throw in the playoffs.

    • emarque

      Lol he isn’t agreeing to a trade to the Jets. Remember he can veto any trade This year.

  9. amk1920

    Laughable ask. Worth a 2nd. Any GM that shells out a 1st for Jimmy should be fired.

      • amk1920

        Wentz’s ceiling is so much higher than Jimmy. The only team that should maybe trade a 1st for Jimmy is the Bears but their awful GM already decided to hand the keys to Andy Dalton.

    • bradthebluefish

      Agreed. Good QB but can’t stay healthy. And even when he does play, it’s not exactly excellent good amount of picks.

    • Meren

      I would not give up a 2nd unless he played 26-34 games over the next two years.

  10. CoachWe

    That is a joke. You yourself (the 49ers) were so dissatisfied with him that you gave up three #1’s to go with the 3rd best rookie QB in the draft.

    Hey 49er front office, there is NO money this year. Nobody wants to spend $25 mil on a QB that is injury prone.

    Good grief.

    • paulk-2

      They aren’t serious about it. It’s there way of getting teams to stop calling asking for him. They said he will start and apparently they mean it.

  11. driftcat28

    I bet they’d settle for a 2. Classic negotiation, set the price high and then meet in the middle

    • Ak185

      A second seems like the right price to me. Garrappolo is young-ish, has both starter and playoff experience, and his contract may end up being a decent value after the next round of extensions. He’ll be getting at most $24 million in salary a year in the next two, which isn’t so bad in today’s climate, with the ability of course for the team to do its standard can kicking to move that hit to later. And if you give a second rounder for a player, you’ll likely want him for more than two years.

      • Meren

        I would give up a 2nd if he plays 75% of the games over a 2 yr span. So a 2nd in 2023 otherwise it would be a 4th.
        He has played less then 50% of the 49ers games in 4 seasons. Out of 64 games 30 Starts. He played 16 the yr they went to the Superbowl. The other 3 yrs 14 out of 48. which is only 29%. He would have to start 24 of 32 games for me to give up a 2nd round pic.
        actually 26 of 34. Since they are going with a 17 game Regular Season Schedule this yr.

  12. davidkaner

    Bears are desperate but so is WFL. New England will not offer more than a 3rd since they didn’t even offer a 1st for Stafford. Seattle could jump in and trade Wilson but that would be a shocker.

    • Meren

      Jimmy G. has played less then half the games in 4 yrs with the 49ers. The most I would offer is a 4th and if he meets certain incentives over 2 seasons it would move up to maybe a 2. So saying the pick I would offer would be in 2023.

  13. Steezy

    Probably could have gotten it earlier in the off-season, probably too late now. His contract has no guarantees on it so you could easily restructure. Considering what wentz got there’s no reason to think they couldn’t have gotten the same. However if I’m the niners I hold onto him and deal him next offseason. Let the new guy sit for a bit, and hope Jimmy stays healthy and improves his trade stock for next year.

  14. crosseyedlemon

    How many times does Lynch have to say these ridiculous things in front of a mirror before he can do it with a straight face?

  15. bradthebluefish

    Patriots should offer a second round pick (and a contract restructure). Full circle.

  16. mgrap84

    So guess he is staying in SF. I don’t see teams giving up a 1st for him

  17. Meren

    Not Worth a 1st Rd Pick not even worth a 2nd or 3rd at this point. He has a 24-8 Record. That is good. He started 16 games once. This yr they go to a 17 game schedule
    22-8 in Frisco out of 64 games he has started 30.
    Less then half the teams games. He is 9-5 in his 3 none 16 start seasons. I would give up a 4th rd pick with the stipulation that it can become a higher pick if he starts X amount of games the next two years. Not sure how far in advance you can give up picks in the NFL. 49ers have been 6-10, 4-12, and 6-10 in the 3 seasons he was Hurt. 49ers have been hit by quite a few injuries other then Jimmy G. In those 3 yrs. 49ers as a Team need to stay Healthy, But using so many different QBs when your #1 gets hurt does not help the running game or the play action game. In each of the seasons Garappolo has been hurt they have played 2 other Quarterbacks Multiple games. Beathard/ Hoyer. Mullins/ Beathard, Mullins and Beathard again this past yr.

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