Low Interest In Jets’ No. 2 Pick?

Recently, the Dolphins parlayed their No. 3 overall selection into a solid haul of draft capital. Meanwhile, the Jets have received few phone calls and very little interest for their No. 2 overall pick, according to a source who spoke with NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport (Twitter link). 

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It’s possible that teams are assuming that the Jets are locked into staying at No. 2. There, they’d have the ability to take any player they want who isn’t named Trevor Lawrence. It’s widely believed that the Jets have zeroed in on BYU’s Zach Wilson, who impressed with his mobility and 73.5% completion rate last year.

Meanwhile, the 49ers are expected to also go quarterback at No. 3, which has prompted teams (presumably, QB-needy teams) to start ringing the Falcons at No. 4. The Jets’ pick should be coveted even more highly, so this one is a head-scratcher.

Another possible explanation: The Jets could be higher on Wilson than any other team, and rival clubs have other signal callers ranked higher. A team that wants to move up for Mac Jones, Justin Fields, or Trey Lance would be happy to pay less for a lower pick and watch Wilson go No. 2 overall.


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12 comments on “Low Interest In Jets’ No. 2 Pick?

  1. easyw

    I love Wilson, but I think teams are seriously undervaluing Justin Fields.

    Fields brings a dynamic element that NYJ’s haven’t had at the QB position. It’s a matter of preference, but Fields toughness would be a great addition to a franchise that has lacked an identifiable characteristic in recent seasons.

    I would take Fields even though Zach Wilson may be better right now.

    • Ak185

      The question is what hurts you more as a prospect-playing in OSU’s system, or playing against BYU’s schedule?

      OSU didn’t play anyone tough either (and only a handful of games, at that), but Fields does have a great showing in a playoff game to improve his stock and help answer questions about his resume. On the other hand, he did play in a system notorious for not translating well to the pros, on a team stacked with talent in comparison to its competition. BYU on the other hand played an even lighter schedule. Wilson may have taken more chances than Fields did, which could be bad or good depending on your system. The improvising and taking chances thing didn’t work for Mansfield, but it for Roethlisberger. Depends on what you have around you.

      For me, I don’t think either one is extremely far ahead of the other. I’d assign more weight to the playoff win against Clemson, but that OSU system does make me wary. You’re basically making the bet that Fields is more than the scheme he came from. I like his mental makeup a lot, personally, which will be important if he is going to reset and learn to unlearn a lot of the things he could do in college but not the pros.

      • afsooner02

        Have been rumblings about his poor work ethic as well. Google it.

        So much so his coach had to come out and defend the kid.

        I’m not saying it’s true or not cause I have no idea. Just that there are rumblings about it. That can def put teams off.

      • Cam

        A genuinely well thought out, well presented analysis. A refreshing change around here – nice work.

  2. Ak185

    I think teams figure that the Jets are pretty set on Wilson at two, so they don’t bother. You make a great point about teams possibly not being high on Wilson, but there is one other possibility as well to consider: maybe they’re not high on Fields or Lance. If most teams don’t think that there is a big difference between Wilson and the other QBs, it doesn’t matter to them if the Jets suddenly pick someone else at two. Because, after all, that’s the point of trading up; the Jets may actually grab Fields or someone else, and a team who values those guys more will want to prevent that. They’d be fine with whomever is left, if they think that they’re all the same. No need to spend to get a specific guy if you don’t think that he’s much more special than the others.

    And if that’s true, whomever the 9ers or Falcons select at three and four has less weight. Because, again, if you really wanted a specific guy out of the Wilson-Jones QB field, you’d make an offer to the Jets to cut off the 9ers. Evidently teams don’t think any of the others are different enough to be worth it. I think really that the 9ers’ move really changed the market. Teams know that they won’t give up that price and that, after Jones, they might not value the options available so much. I think this has more to do with lower value assigned to QBs not named Trevor Lawrence than it does to QBs named Zach Wilson.

      • mlbnyyfan

        Jets made a HUGE mistake waiting so long to trade Darnold. The Jets could of had a big haul possibly.

      • compassrose

        I don’t see any of the QBs in this draft being stars. Lawrence will be a superstar and I would have loved it to see Seattle trade Wilson and the light draft capitol we have left with some down the road to Jax for that pick. Jax knows they will have a SS QB that doesn’t miss games and can win it all. I know it won’t happen but I wanted him the first game I watched him play as a Freshman. My son who was a QB and coaches HS football and I watched the game and were totally blown away. Hopefully he can stay healthy because he will be a good one. Other than him not a huge fan of any of the others. Admittedly haven’t seen much of Wilson though.

  3. seaver41

    I won’t be surprised to see Fields be the last of the 5 QBs taken. He has flaws in his mechanics and footwork. He is slow to react and slow in his progressions. He is a sit and learn prospect.

    • $crewBaLL

      besides Lawrence i feel they are all sit and learn prospects. but what do I know,

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