Seahawks Won’t Negotiate With Jamal Adams

The Seahawks are “truly done” negotiating with Jamal Adams, according to a league source who spoke with PFT. After their latest offer, the Seahawks are fully prepared to let Adams play out his option year. 

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After that, the Seahawks can franchise tag him twice to keep him under club control through 2023. (Technically, they could franchise tag him three times, but the rate for the 2024 season would be a cap killer.) As it stands, Adams is slated to make $9.86MM in 2021 — an absolute steal for a safety of his caliber. We won’t know the 2022 franchise tag numbers until next spring, but it’d likely cost the Seahawks under $14MM to cuff Adams for next year. Beyond that, they’d be looking at a 20% increase — somewhere in the $16MM neighborhood — for 2023. Those figures would be costly, but still favorable for the Seahawks.

The Seahawks have reportedly offered Adams a four-year, $70MM deal with $38MM guaranteed. That’d keep Bobby Wagner as Seattle’s highest-paid defender while making Adams the NFL’s highest-paid safety by a healthy margin — about $2MM/year over Landon Collins. Adams’ camp countered with $40MM guaranteed and bonus money to be paid out in the deal’s first three years, rather than across all four.

The gap between the two sides is slimmer than its ever been, but the Seahawks say they won’t budge any furhter.

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