Latest On Commanders Owner Dan Snyder

The possibility of Commanders owner Dan Snyder being pressured to sell the team – or removed from his position – has come up in 2022. The topic has once again become a topic of discussion amongst some of the league’s other owners, with significant action seemingly on the table. 

According to a report from Mark Maske, Nicki Jhabvala and Liz Clarke of the Washington Post, there are multiple owners who “believe serious consideration may be given to attempting to oust Snyder from the league’s ownership ranks.” Doing so would be possible by either convincing the 57-year-old to sell the franchise voluntarily, or through a vote receiving the support of at least 24 owners.

That sentiment represents both a repeat of that reportedly expressed earlier this offseason, and a contrast to the trepidation which followed it. In May, a number of owners were believed to be counting votes regarding a vote to remove Snyder, a sign of growing frustration in the wake of several controversies he and the team have been involved in. The latest of those include allegations of financial impropriety, and the investigation into workplace culture during which Snyder (after a lengthy back-and-forth over the matter of a subpoena) testified to the House Oversight Committee.

In the absence of any outcomes from those investigations, though, it became clear that no firm action would be immediately forthcoming regarding an attempt to remove Snyder. Now, however, one owner has spoken rather forcefully on the subject. “He needs to sell,” the anonymous owner said, adding that, “I think there will be a movement.”

The change in opinion, the report details, could be due in part to the franchise’s struggles in landing a new stadium deal. In addition, an increase in anti-Snyder sentiment could be a reaction to the recent news surrounding Phoenix Suns and Mercury owner Robert Sarver. He has been fined and suspended by the league, and has begun the process of selling both franchises in the aftermath of several league policy violations.

“We are making important progress on a cultural transformation to ensure our workplace is inclusive and safe for all,” Commanders president Jason Wright said in a statement. “The League has publicly recognized our efforts, and independent experts regularly examining our journey on this accord have confirmed this progress.”

The report also notes that a desire to oust Snyder is “not unanimous,” and that nothing is imminent at this time. This saga will therefore remain clouded in uncertainty for the foreseeable future, but it apparently still has the potential to take a serious turn.

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