Latest On Raiders-Josh Jacobs Negotiations

Josh Jacobs is one of three running backs set to play on the $10.1MM franchise tag this season. In the aftermath of the news that no long-term deal was agreed to between he and the Raiders, reports emerged indicating the sides made progress on contract talks. A rebuttal to that notion has emerged.

The Raiders are thought to have made up signficant ground while up against the deadline for a new deal on Monday, though it was insufficient to result in a multi-year contract. The 2022 rushing champion may still have a future in Las Vegas if talks were indeed amicable in nature, and if he is able to replicate his career-year enjoyed last season. Plenty would apparently need to change for that to be possible, however.

Vic Tafur of The Athletic offers a much different account of negotiations than the ones presented earlier in the week (subscription required). He reports that indications of progress and positive interactions between team and player in this situation are simply “not true,” adding that contract talks “were dead in the water until last weekend.” Deadlines certainly spurn action and urgency, but a signficant gap appeared to exist with respect to finances between the Raiders and Jacobs.

Tafur adds that the all-important $22MM mark was not reached during talks. That figure represents what Jacobs (along with the Giants’ Saquon Barkley and the Cowboys’ Tony Pollard) would make in the event they played the 2023 and ’24 seasons on the franchise tag. Guaranteed money above that mark would thus have been required for a Jacobs deal to have come to fruition, and the lack of a willingness on the team’s part to reach that price point is no doubt a large reason why the threat of a holdout lasting through training camp and into the regular season looms.

Barkley and the Giants came close to an agreement on both annual compensation and guaranteed money, but Tafur’s reporting points to a significantly larger gap existing that previously thought regarding Jacobs and the Raiders. How the All-Pro proceeds in the coming weeks will be a key storyline in Las Vegas, as the sides will now be forced to wait until at least January to re-engage in contract talks.

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