Alabama CB Kool-Aid McKinstry Sitting Out Combine With Injury

Projected first-round cornerback Kool-Aid McKinstry, born Ga’Quincy, appeared in Indianapolis today prepared to measure and work out at the NFL scouting combine. Unfortunately, though, McKinstry discovered in a combine medical evaluation that he had a Jones fracture in his right foot, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. Due to the injury, McKinstry made the decision not to work out with the other defensive back prospects today.

A Jones fracture is a fairly common foot injury, and it’s not uncommon for athletes to be unaware that they have one. The only symptom of the issue tends to be soreness on the outside of the foot, a sensation athletes frequently experience and often shrug off as normal. That also makes it an easy injury to play through, which explains why McKinstry is only now discovering the fracture.

Due to poor blood supply to the area, Jones fractures do not tend to heal well on their own, making surgery a necessary requirement in order to heal. Surgery now would prevent McKinstry from working out for scouts at all in the leadup to the 2024 NFL Draft, so it appears he will hold off on surgery for now. McKinstry will regroup with his coaches and trainers back in Tuscaloosa and plans to work out for scouts there at his pro day.

Following that workout, McKinstry will get the procedure to repair the fracture. The expectation for recovery sees him ready to return with plenty of time for NFL training camps, so today’s discovery is unlikely to hurt his draft stock much, if at all. McKinstry measures out as a prototypical NFL cornerback and showed strong attributes on film this year. A strong workout at Alabama could help make up for a lack of statistical production at the college level and solidify his first-round status.

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