Jets Still Interested In Odell Beckham Jr.?

The Ravens swooped in for Odell Beckham Jr. last year, adding the former Pro Bowler with an offer that surpassed where the Jets were willing to go. But Beckham confirmed he is set to be a Baltimore one-and-done, opening the door to the talented pass catcher joining a fifth NFL team.

The Jets came up over the weekend as a team to watch on the OBJ front once again, and SNY’s Connor Hughes adds some in the organization remain high on the former Giants star. While the Jets certainly do not believe Beckham is particularly close to his peak at this point, the team appears to remain on the radar to sign the 31-year-old receiver a year after missing out.

It took a $15MM guarantee for the Ravens to add Beckham last year, though Hughes indicates the Jets were eyeing a deal that could have neared the $12MM mark. This differs from an April 2023 report that suggested the Jets were eyeing Beckham on a low base salary. The team would not be targeting OBJ at anything close to that $12MM number now, per Hughes, but the nine-year veteran and Aaron Rodgers have discussed the prospect of playing together on several occasions.

Last year’s Jets receiver plan busted, with Garrett Wilson still effectively on his own. While Beckham appeared a luxury on a team that added Allen Lazard and Mecole Hardman early in free agency, neither signing worked out. Beckham was not especially consistent in Baltimore, but his 565-yard, three-TD season far outpaced the production Lazard, Harman and Randall Cobb gave the Jets. Bringing in another of Rodgers’ preferred targets would come with risk, given the 2023 performances of Lazard and Cobb, but the team remains pot-committed to the outspoken quarterback. With the Jets still a Rodgers-centric operation, it would surprise if Beckham was not strongly considered.

Tyler Boyd is still on the team’s radar, with Hughes adding Wilson has made recruiting pitches to the former Bengals slot player. Though, the Jets view Wilson as capable of doing the most damage in the slot; this could hinder a pursuit of a veteran who has spent much of his career in the slot. The Jets have hosted Mike Williams as a free agent, joining the Panthers and Steelers in scheduling a meeting with the recently released talent.

As the team will be adding to its receiver stable soon, the draft will be an avenue to do so as well. For now, the Jets’ attention is on the veteran market. Beckham could be a backup plan, but given Rodgers’ influence in the building, they may also be the favorites (once again) for the former Super Bowl-winning wideout.

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