Chiefs WR Rashee Rice Expected To Be Charged In Hit-And-Run Incident

APRIL 4: Rice’s lawyer confirmed (via the Kansas City Star’s Sam McDowell) his client was involved in the crash. Rice was driving the Lamborghini SUV, not the Corvette, on Saturday. No charges have been filed, but Rice’s attorney (via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s James Hartley) expects charges to come down soon.

Rice’s attorney, Texas state senator Royce West, declined to answer a question as to why the Chiefs wideout and others left the scene but indicated his client intends to take care of the injury- and damage-driven expenses incurred by the other crash victims.

APRIL 3: Rashee Rice met with Dallas police about his alleged role in the Saturday hit-and-run incident, a six-car crash believed to have been caused by two vehicles street racing.

The Chiefs wide receiver accepted “full responsibility” for his role in the accident, though the 23-year-old did not specify what that role was. A Corvette and a Lamborghini Urus were racing along a stretch of the North Central Expressway, and Rice now has ties to both vehicles. A police call sheet suspected Rice as the driver of the Corvette, and Kelli Smith of the Dallas Morning News reports the SMU alum rented the Lamborghini SUV in March.

The only person contractually allowed to drive the Urus while renting it, Rice rented the vehicle for more than $10K per month. He was expected to return it “sometime in June,” Smith adds. A text message reviewed by the Morning News indicated “Rashee” promised to pay for any damages. Rice said Wednesday he will continue to cooperate with authorities.

Both drivers lost control of their vehicles in the crash, causing a high-speed collision when the Lamborghini barreled into a center median wall just before 6:30pm Saturday. The two drivers fled the scene before providing any information. Three men were in the Lamborghini. Two other people involved in the accident suffered minor injuries and needed to be hospitalized. No arrest has been made.

More details on the wreck have since emerged. The two vehicles attempted to pass cars in the left lane, per Smith, who adds the cars collided with other vehicles across several lanes along the Dallas-area highway. At least three victims in this accident have brought in legal counsel; Rice did so on Sunday.

It remains uncertain which car Rice was driving in this accident — if, in fact, he was behind the wheel of either vehicle — but the 2023 second-round pick is closely tied to the wreck. It may be too early to suggest Rice is a clear candidate for an NFL suspension, but that would be on the radar if a charge is eventually filed.

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