NFL Considering Regular Season Games In Dublin, Paris

2024 will see the NFL’s first game played in Brazil as the league continues to explore new foreign markets. A number of other host countries are also receiving consideration with notable expansion on that front potentially on the horizon.

Dublin and Paris are on the league’s radar, Henry Hodgson recently confirmed. Hodgson serves as the general manager of the NFL’s UK office, one of the departments playing a key role in evaluating new venues and hosts for NFL games. France had previously been named as a potential host country in the near future, but the same was not true of Ireland.

“There’s a feasibility study, as we would call it, in a number of different European cities and Dublin is one of those,” Hodgson said (via Laura Colgan of The Irish Times). “Looking at the stadiums, taking local meetings… we’ll take away all of that information, digest it and determine what the next steps are.”

The league has followed a similar process in the past, and that led to agreements with Sao Paulo and Madrid to host regular season games. Croke Park and Aviva Stadium are the venues under consideration in Dublin at this time. The former was the venue for a preseason contest between the Steelers and Bears in 1997, and it has a capacity of over 82,000.

The Steelers – a team which has a formal partnership in place with the Gaelic Athletic Association – are among those in the NFL with international marketing rights in Ireland and Northern Ireland. That is also the case for the Jaguars, while the Jets added Ireland this offseason. At least one of those teams would likely take part in a game held there in the future.

As of now, the Saints are the only team with marketing rights in France. They would represent a logical candidate to play a game in Paris, one of several sites being considered in some capacity. Sweden and Australia have also been floated as possibilities, although logistics in the latter country in particular are a notable challenge which would need to be overcome relative to those of playing in South America or Europe.

“We continue to look at and have interest in all the major cities across Europe,” Hodgson added. “For now, Paris, Dublin – obviously we’re heading into Madrid in 2025 – those are the ones we’re most focused on in Europe.”

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