Extra Points: Draft, Rams, Chargers, LA

After recently taking a tumble from a hotel window, Mississippi defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche has been suspended for his team’s upcoming bowl game, Daniel Paulling and Hugh Kellenberger of The Clarion-Ledger report. It’s not all bad news for Ndemkiche, however, as the junior announced that he’s forgoing his senior season to enter the NFL draft. Once a projected first-round pick, it’s unclear how recent off-field issues will affect his stock.

Here’s more from around the league…

  • Another underclassmen, Rutgers linebacker Steve Longa, is also throwing his hat in the draft ring, as he tells Dan Duggan of NJ.com. Longa, who has posted three consecutive 100-tackle seasons, says he did receive information on his draft stock from the league’s advisory board, but declined to share those specifics.
  • Ground has been broken at Hollywood Park in California, and now the only question is whether the Rams will move west, as Sam Farmer and Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times write. Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who is building the arena, plans to move ahead with its construction regardless of his club’s status. NFL owners are expected to meet in mid-January, and could vote to approve the project.
  • League sources tell Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune that neither LA plan – the Rams in Inglewood or the Raiders/Chargers in Carson – has enough owner support to pass, but each could get enough anti-votes to ensure that it does not get approved. An extra year in San Diego, write Acee, could be exactly what the Chargers need in order to make their case to stay in the area long-term.
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10 comments on “Extra Points: Draft, Rams, Chargers, LA

  1. Insurgent

    Rams will stay in the STL. Kroenke can go to hell

  2. Save Oakland Sports

    There’s no way the NFL wants 2 teams in LA and a team in San Diego. Erryone needs to stop crying and let Kroenke build his super stadium and then either let San Diego pay for a new stadium or have the Chargers join the Rams. Then use some of that stupid relocation fee to help Oakland build a compact and relatively cheap stadium in Oakland, hopefully Coliseum City with the A’s. Either way problem solved, you’re welcome Roger.

    • arodgers661

      What good would a compact cheap stadium do for the raiders? It will only put them in the same situation down the road. They need a bigger stadium to continue to attract more fans. Especially since they are getting better.

      • Jack0207

        Why should the Raiders get help with a stadium? Also ST.Louis will be building 2 stadiums in 25 years. What NFL team has had to do that?? Especially during a stretch that saw the Rams go 15 and 65 which is the worst any NFL team has every been. Theses are facts not made up propaganda

        • MoneyMike733

          The Falcons bout to have their 2nd…Georgia Dome opened in 1992

  3. Jack0207

    Also wouldn’t it be easier for the California teams to move a few hours to LA than for the Rams to move from St.Louis?

    • JD396

      When we’re talking about billon dollar sports teams, there’s not going to be much of a difference with regards to distance traveled. Most of what makes up a sports team is the branding and the personnel, neither of which is extraordinarily difficult to transport from one stadium to another.

      • Jack0207

        Your missing the point. Maybe I didn’t explain myself well enough. Why should fans in St.Louis lose their team to LA and not have a team at all, when you could move both raiders and chargers hours away and the fans could still go see their team in person. Also neither chargers or raiders have tried to build a stadium for their team where St.Louis will build 2 in 25 years

  4. mrpadre19

    The best case scenario would be Rams and Raiders to LA and Chargers stay in San Diego!

    • Jack0207

      Then build your team a stadium like they want. This has been going on for 15 years. If you really love your team prove it.

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