Chargers On Verge Of L.A. Move?

Even though they technically have one year to hash things out, the Chargers already appear poised to move to Los Angeles. The NFL has been presented with the framework of a stadium deal that would join the Rams and Chargers in Inglewood, Alex Flanagan of NFL Network tweets. The Chargers are vetting it now and, barring anything unforeseen, the Bolts will in fact go to L.A. Vincent Bonsignore of the Daily News (on Twitter) hears that the Chargers received this framework on Tuesday night, after the league’s vote. Philip Rivers/Antonio Gates (vertical)

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On Tuesday night, the league voted to green light the Rams’ proposed move to a brand new site in Inglewood, California. The vote came with an interesting stipulation, however, The Chargers were granted until January 16, 2017 to join up with the Rams and make the move to Los Angeles. If they did not sign off on the move, then the league would have moved on to another team to be determined with the Raiders thought to have priority.

The decision stripped the Chargers of some leverage, but they did get some bargaining chips out of it. First, they were allotted $100MM to build a brand new stadium in San Diego, if they decided against L.A. Secondly, the Rams were barred from collecting on personal seat licenses or selling naming rights to their new stadium until until February 15, 2017, unless they bring a second team aboard before then. That gave the Rams extra incentive to get something done with the Chargers, and that appears to have happened tonight.

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18 comments on “Chargers On Verge Of L.A. Move?

  1. Ryan Colby

    I think the Chargers should work something out in San Diego. What a great city

  2. Don’t let the door hit you in the assignment on the way out. Hello Raiders

    • eyepatch9

      The raiders will not go to San Diego. There won’t be 3 teams in socal, GARENTEED! OAKLAND RAIDERS 2016!

      • JD396

        San Antonio Raiders 2017!

  3. met man

    The Raiders should move to San Diego if the Chargers leave for LA.San Diego has the best climate in the continental US.

    • JD396

      I don’t get the musical cities thing. If the Chargers leave because of stadium issues I fail to see how the Raiders would do any better.

  4. mcdusty31

    If San Diego has taken this long to get a stadium deal done with the Chargers, what would make anyone think it would be so easily accomplished for the Raiders?

  5. TJECK109

    If Oakland moves to SD they should just call themselves the California Raiders

  6. St. Louis Raiders???

  7. Anthony

    We don’t WANT the Rams or should I say the Lambs back in Los Angeles

  8. mathiasak04182000

    Raiders should be the ones moving, Oakland is not nearly as nice as San Diego

    • eyepatch9

      That’s not going to happen! Oakland will get a stadium done in Oakland!

      • JD396

        Maybe the a Raiders can move and bring the A’s with them.

  9. I’m sure this was mentioned in a prior article, but are the Rams playing in LA next year or staying in St. Louis one more year and moving to LA for 2017?

    • Luke Adams

      They’ll be moving to L.A. immediately and playing in a temporary stadium (the Coliseum) for the next 2-3 years, until the Inglewood stadium is built.

  10. Lyle Finnegan

    if they do move away from san diego, please go with CALIFORNIA CHARGERS, not LA Chargers

    • Lyle, just curious, and I’m working under the assumption you’re a Chargers fan. If the Chargers moved to LA, but called themselves the California Chargers, would you remain a fan?

  11. JD396

    If the Rams and Chargers are going to share a stadium, Dodge has to get the naming rights. Imagine the lame advertising puns they could come up with.

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