Mark Davis: Raiders Interested In Other Cities

After missing out on the opportunity to relocate to Los Angeles – at least for the time being – Raiders owner Mark Davis confirmed to David Hunn of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Twitter link) that he’s interested in cities besides Oakland.Mark Davis

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There’s a good chance the Raiders will have to return to Oakland for at least the 2016 season, since there isn’t a lot of time to put together another viable solution. The team’s lease at Coliseum has expired, but it should be possible to remain there on a year-to-year basis in the short term.

Still, the subtext of the statement issued by the team in the wake of the NFL’s Los Angeles decision suggested that the franchise certainly isn’t tied to Oakland for the long term — in fact, that statement didn’t mention the city at all.

“The Raiders congratulate Stan Kroenke and the Rams on their successful bid for relocation to Los Angeles,” The Raiders announced. “The Raiders will now turn our attention to exploring all options to find a permanent stadium solution. We thank fans throughout the Raider Nation for their unrivaled passion and support.”

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link), Davis has grown frustrated with city leaders in Oakland. The Raiders’ top priority is to secure a long-term stadium somewhere, and Davis appears to be losing faith that it will happen in the Bay Area.

Cole suggests that San Antonio will be one market considered by Davis, since the idea of building a stadium between San Antonio and Austin has some appeal to him. Reports have indicated that the Raiders would also take a long look at San Diego if the Chargers relocate to Los Angeles. And, of course, if the Chargers stay in San Diego, the Raiders would have an opportunity to join the Rams in Inglewood a year from now.

One city not on Davis’ list of candidates is St. Louis, according to Hunn, who asked the Raiders owner about that possibility and was told “absolutely not.” That stance shouldn’t concern St. Louis mayor Francis Slay, who said Wednesday that he has “no appetite” for seeking another NFL team after the way the league dealt with the Rams and the city’s stadium proposal (link via The Asociated Press).

If the Raiders do build a new stadium in Oakland or elsewhere, Tuesday’s Los Angeles agreement will ensure that the NFL will provide an extra $100MM to accommodate that project.

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19 comments on “Mark Davis: Raiders Interested In Other Cities

  1. Christy

    There are several good markets if the city was willing to build a stadium to consider though the Raiders belong in Oakland (L.A. is going to have trouble supporting the Rams long term, a second team will not do well at all in the LA market). Portland, San Antonio, Louisville, and Memphis could all support one.

  2. Outside the box, but how about Toronto?

    • London would be the financial move.

      • Cepheus

        But wrong football move Mexico city and Toronto are closer to NFL cities than many current NFL cities are to each other. They are also in time zones shared with US. 5 hour time zone difference from east coast and 6 hour + flights for teams to get there kind of rules out London I would think.

    • Cepheus

      I was thinking Mexico City if outside US. Inside US I would prefer Portland or Vegas over San Antonio.

  3. Stephen

    #TexasRaiders C’mon Mark, Central TX is waiting

    • Dequan

      Compete with the Cowboys and Texans wouldn’t be a good business move. What team wants to go against the Cowboys financially.

  4. Trust me you won’t have that big a fan base un less there called the san antonio raiders

  5. Mr McMurderer

    The NFL owners are inconsiderate greedy POS’s, the Rams had the nicest, newest current stadium with no major problems, yet they get the new stadium? How does that make sense? Mark Davis is being punished for the mistakes made by his father, and now the real test is on. He has proven he can get his franchise in position to be a winner (far better then Kroenke has) and doesn’t meddle, something countless other owners do that destroy their team. If he sells a controlling share, then it will all be down hill for the Raiders. New “owners” won’t want Reggie, Carr, Del Rio, pretty much everyone. A new rebuild would begin, starting with the front office, which would put the team right back where it was. Stick to your guns Mark, if you have to play one more season at OCO then do it, the team will make the playoffs next season, and with that you will add value to the team. Oakland would be mental to let a playoff contender leave, and if so, countless other cities will pony up dough for a winning team with a young roster that is well managed to move there. No matter where the Raiders play, they will be winners, and winners get new stadiums. The Niners are a good example, and the patriots and packers don’t play in shite holes. You’ll get a new stadium, and maybe Carr and comp will benefit from the continuity of practicing in the same facility for another offseason. Can’t hurt, that’s for sure.

  6. BayAreaSportsFan

    The only ‘Raider Nation’ is mexico. Davis should move the team to mexico, at least they will win a few games when teams refuse to travel for security reasons. Or Davis should be forced to sell the team to someone who can afford to build a stadium.

  7. defspc1979

    El paso texas

    • defspc1979

      Or flint michigan

  8. leefieux

    Mark Davis needs a new hairstyle more than he needs a new city to play in.

  9. Shane

    I wonder what his problem is with St.Louis. The new staduim proposal us nice. They have a dome to play in while it’s being built and he would be very popular keeping NFL in St.Louis

  10. DuffManCometh

    Chicago is a city that could support two teams. Or Portland.

  11. padam

    Post Katrina the Saints sold out the 4 games they played in San Antonio. San Antonio has already conducted surveys of potential season ticket buyers (myself included) and the Spurs popularity and success has created a die-hard fan base.

    Plus, the Raiders sport the same colors as the Spurs, so no need to change anything. It’s a city ready to support another professional team, aside from being the 6th largest city (not including Austin).

  12. wants to be a GM

    Haha move the Raiders to Cleveland-they don’t have a football team.

  13. Motown_Madness44

    I’m thinking San Antonio or Las Vegas Nevada two big markets with large fan bases!

  14. dlevin11

    I vote for Raiders move to Las Vegas

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