Colin Kaepernick Wants To Join Jets?

WEDNESDAY, 9:19pm; The Jets are not interested in Kaepernick, hears Jason La Canfora of (Twitter links). Still, he says Kaepernick has wanted out “for some time” and new coach Chip Kelly apparently hasn’t done much to build a relationship with him.

TUESDAY, 5:42pm: Apparently, the coaching change in San Francisco hasn’t sold Colin Kaepernick on staying put. The athletic quarterback now wants to move on from the 49ers and he considers the Jets to be his preferred destination, sources tell Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

While Chip Kelly should have the final say on who the 49ers‘ starting quarterback will be in 2016, team management would reportedly like to see Kaepernick get another opportunity. The 49ers front office apparently views Kaepernick’s $11.9MM base salary as reasonable for a starting quarterback, and believes he has the potential to bounce back under Kelly. However, it’s not yet clear how Kelly currently feels about Kaepernick’s upside, even though he has been said to be a fan of the QB in the past.

No. 7 still has five years left on his hefty $114MM extension, but there are plenty of opportunities for the 49ers to escape that deal without major penalty. Following two seasons where he guided the 49ers to the NFC title game, Kaepernick signed a team-friendly extension that called for his salaries from 2015-17 to be guaranteed for injury only.

Jets GM Mike Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles have been vocal about wanting to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, but it’s not a slam dunk that they will given the number of teams that are in need of help under center. Of course, if the Jets want him, they’ll have to either work out a trade with the Niners or wait until he is cut. The 49ers must make a decision to keep, trade or cut Kaepernick before April 1 when his 2016 base salary of $11.9MM becomes guaranteed. San Francisco would save $8.5MM by cutting Kaepernick, who is scheduled to have a $15.9MM cap charge this season.

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16 comments on “Colin Kaepernick Wants To Join Jets?

  1. I was rooting for you but um, bye Felicia

  2. Thronson5

    I hope he does go. The guy can’t see the field at all. Throws to the opposition way too much and he gets lucky he doesn’t have way more interceptions then he does have. I hate hearing people stick up for him. Yea our line sucked but he just isn’t a good qb. I’d rather have Gabbert as the qb next season, fix the line, draft a qb and in a year or two let the qb you drafter take over.

  3. Thronson5

    I don’t know why my comment isn’t showing up. But here it goes again.

    I hope he does go. I don’t like him at all, he isn’t a good qb and he can’t see the field at all!!

    Start Gabbert, fix the line with the draft and the cap space and draft a qb. In a few years let that qb take over. We will be fine. I am happy with the Kelley signing. Yes he wasn’t a good GM but he is actually a really smart guy and he will be a great coach for us

    • Kelly is not a great coach trust me he his system does not work in nfl your defense gonna be awful


    This is such BS. You can just write about whatever you want without ANY credible sources. What kind of low life writes articles like these for a living????

    • Thronson5

      It’s not him that’s making up the story. It’s all over the internet right now. I’ve saw it on 4 sites now so the guy a break and calm down!

      • tbaseball9

        If you read all the articles they mention the new york reporter i wont believe it til kaepernick himself comments on it and confirms his unhappiness there

      • tbaseball9

        Theres a report saying its not true and also all those reports mention the same guy and kap nd kelly had good introductory convos when they met

  5. I don’t think Kap is going any were they are just blowing smoke and I think he is going to have a great career with Chip as his coach since he runs the plays that Kap loves to do.

  6. J Wilson

    Funny how everyone seems to forget that Kap played with not 1 but three injuries, anyone of which was a reason to be sidelined, try throwing long or accurately without your non throwing arm as a counter balance or try throwing with a torn ligament to your throwing hand thumb a major factor for accuracy and touch, then try scrambling with a jacked up knee. Did he blow some reads and miss some open receivers yes he did but, so has any QB to include the Great One: JOE MONTANA. Kap is a mobile QB that is when he is at his best watch the first game. Give him the chance to heal and play healthy then see what’s up if he continues to suck, cut him loose. personally I think he would thrive in Chip Kelly’s offense.

  7. Go jets

  8. Charlesque

    Jets – no. They have a QB and he is a pocket passer. Texans – maybe better, but should stay with Niners – if Chip wants him.

  9. is that genos forearm lol

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