Anthony Davis Unlikely To Return To 49ers?

After more than a month of Twitter silence, Anthony Davis is causing a stir tonight. Moments ago, Davis tweeted [sic], “The 49ers should Draft an Offensive Tackle in the top 10. #NFLDraft2016.” After that, he took an even more direct shot at the 49ers: Anthony Davis

do not want to work with a front office or anyone else who seemingly doesn’t want to win as bad as I do,” Davis wrote (link).

In early January, Davis tweeted that his return to San Francisco was “guaranteed.” It seems that things have changed drastically in a few short months.

Would you happily rent your body out to people that [B.S.] you and constantly try to manipulate you? I hope you’d stand up for yourself,” Davis tweeted.

Davis, 26, was San Francisco’s first-round pick in 2010, coming off the board 11th overall. Since then, he has started 71 games at right tackle for the team, playing all 16 regular season contests in his first four years before being limited to seven games in 2014. Davis dealt with hamstring and knee issues, and also battled concussion problems, which may have contributed to his decision to step away from the game temporarily in 2015.

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15 comments on “Anthony Davis Unlikely To Return To 49ers?

  1. aarongill

    We can’t even trade him since he’s still retired. Trent brown is better than him anyway. At least brown will take the opportunity for granted.

  2. Shihanmichaellynn

    Quit on the team last year, failing to apply for reinstatement so far, avoiding training. Stay retired you don’t have the heart to play anymore.

  3. Black n gold 2684

    Come on man keep it classy no need for all of that. Let your play do all the talking.

  4. Black n gold 2684

    That’s not rite to do what he’s doing.

  5. gmlivers98

    I believe he has a valid point. If you can’t agree with your boss about winning why put your health in jeopardy? He has a legit argument

    • UnanymousSuperBowler

      Apparently you and i are the only ones that agree due to the raging niner fans whining about their crap worth team

      • DeMello

        And you two are the only ones who’s voice doesn’t count..!!!!

      • mcdusty31

        No I’m a Niners fan and I agree with him…I think we spent like $247.00 in free agency and we hired a glorified college coach as our head coach…it’s time for Eddie to come back and Baalke to go run an arena football team into the ground

    • DeMello

      I believe you might be a raised fan

      • DeMello


    • Gilman321


  6. jmgara

    Quit drinking the Kool-Aid and blaming the players. There’s too many instances of retirements, holdouts, and trade demands, etc. not to see that there’s serious problems with management or ownership (or both).

  7. matt berg

    if there were any reason to doubt that Baalke is the problem, this is clear evidence. Baalke should be kissing his ass six ways to Sunday. T Brown may be good someday… but AD helps this team immediately, and Baalke is jeopardizing this season with his Bullshit.

  8. DeMello

    Wow.. Afraid of a rookie that hasn’t even been drafted..!!!

  9. BayAreaSportsFan

    Davis is 100% spot on. The 49ers front office could care less about winning. The 49ers are now strictly a money making company. When the family that owns the team puts their child and family lackey in charge, you can be sure success isn’t the goal. I’m a long time niners fan and pulling hard for the Raiders to leave town and take greg papa the creep with them. It’s and sad time to be a niners fan.

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