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TUESDAY, 6:15pm: While Kaepernick isn’t totally opposed to the idea of reducing his salary as part of a trade, he isn’t interested in a pay cut as significant as Denver has proposed, writes Mindi Bach of

A source tells that the Broncos actually want to reduce Kaepernick’s salary to $7MM for 2017 in addition to 2016. Considering the Niners quarterback currently has the ability to earn more than $14MM in 2016 alone through base salary and bonuses, it makes sense that he wouldn’t have interest in a deal that would pay him about the same amount over the course of two years.

MONDAY, 6:43pm: The talks have stalled due to the issue with Kaepernick’s salary, but they’re not necessarily done for good, Mark Maske of The Washington Post tweets.

1:18pm: Colin Kaepernick is staying put in San Francisco, at least for now. The 49ers quarterback refuses to take a pay cut and the Niners are refusing to pay off part of his contract to help facilitate a trade with Denver, according to a source who spoke with Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (on Twitter). Colin Kaepernick

Trade speculation involving Kaepernick swirled all weekend, with conflicting reports on whether or not the Broncos and 49ers were close to reaching a trade agreement. Although there was some disagreement on how close the two sides were on agreeing to trade compensation, virtually every report suggested that Denver would want Kaepernick at a reduced salary. Now we know that No. 7 is unwilling take a pay cut from his current $11.9MM figure, which is fully guaranteed. The Niners are also unwilling to eat a portion of that to ease the Broncos’ financial commitment.

Earlier today we learned that Kaepernick was spotted on a flight from Denver to the Bay Area, meaning that he is reporting to the 49ers. By reporting, Kaepernick is able to cash in on his $400K workout bonus, but he likely won’t be able to do much as he continues to rehab from injuries.

The Broncos’ quarterback depth chart currently consists of Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian and while they have said that they would be willing to head into the season with Sanchez as the starter, they have been exploring their options and heavily considering a Kaepernick deal. The 49ers, meanwhile, have Blaine Gabbert under contract and theoretically could afford to part with Kaepernick. Still, they have been steadfast in their desire to get value in return for the one-time superstar and unwilling to split the check.

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15 comments on “Latest On Colin Kaepernick, Broncos

  1. aarongill

    Omg what cole reports isn’t true. He’s never trustworthy. The opposite always happens. Now leave kap.

  2. mcdusty31

    Screw $89 an hour working from home, I want 400K for showing up to work!

  3. If Kaep really wanted to leave SF, he would sacrifice that $4.9 million. Not advocating for him to leave and I understand that he’s probably thinking why should I sacrifice money, but if he really wanted to leave SF he would sacrifice that $4.9 million in a heartbeat.

    • Duh Duh dumb

      You have to understand that the players union will not allow Kap to take a reduced salary for the year. So in a way it’s out of Kaps hands and really between the 2 teams that are trading… I don’t know why that doesn’t get brought up much in these posts. Duh

    • Big Jay

      Kaepernick doesn’t owe the 9ers or Broncos anything! He gave the 9ers the best deal ever when he signed that garbage deal he has now. After leading the 9ers to the NFCCG twice and the super bowl once, he signed a deal that was so one sided that all of the agents for all of the other nfl players wanted the players union to suspend Kaepernick’s agent because they were afraid that teams would force their client’s to sign similar deals. Now Kaepernick has only been in the league for about 4 seasons total and already has a rushing QB record and has the most play off wins over all previous 9er QBs. That includes both Montana and Young! And Alex Smith was worse than him until Harbaugh arrived. Also scrubs like Cutler, Bradford and others who have not accomplished anywhere near what Kaepernick has accomplished make much more. And lastly, at the beginning of the off season, Elway offered Oswiener 13 million to stay but won’t pay Kaepernick 11.9? Someone please make that make sense! I do understand that Kaepernick had a horrible last season but he neede 3 operations and still has played better than Alex Smith did his first 4 seasons in San Francisco and Smith had much better teams!

  4. Lisa dawson

    if he wants to win go to broncos if u want money stay in sf

  5. Naz51Jaz

    I think Kaepernick doesn’t get the $$$ unless he completes 90% of the workouts. That seems a lot more reasonable and realistic, rather than paying him for walking in the door!

  6. Ryan Clady for Kaepernick and a 4th. Turn his salary into a signing bonus to restructure and bring his cap figures down from the 15-19 M range they are at now.

    • Ericobeasto

      That will never ever happen… Thats way to much for Clady. If anything it would have to be the other way around. Broncos give Clady and 4 for kaep. Not because Clady is bad. But because the broncos cant afford him. They have to cut him they are holding onto him trying to get something but every team knows they cant afford him so they will wait it out and try to grab him as free agent instead of having to give something away.

      • Kaepernick after 3 surgeries and complete regression and a 15+ cap amd 19+ thereafter is barely worth the last pick in the 4th round. Cladys cap figure is 8th or so on the list of LTs and its 2 years of semi prime years. He’d be average+ as a RT wit Staley holding down the left side. Swapping 4ths would probably be better value. Broncos can afford him, but they have Okung and Stephenson. They cant afford Clady and Kaepernick thats all. They will probably have to restructure a few contracts still though regardless. Half the league can absorb his salary and are looking at drafting Tackle in round 1 or 2 and could make a trade if they miss out on their guy – Lions Colts Titans Browns 49ers Eagles Bucs Giants Bears Dolphins Raiders

  7. If Clady threw the ball then no one would care that he has bad wheels. Fact is he is 300 lbs and bangs around against other 300 lbs monsters for over thirty minutes a week, sixteen weeks a year. His value is really a 3rd day pick. Clady will get waived eventually if they can’t work a trade because Denver still needs another QB and has to sign a draft class.

    Kaep has no incentive to take a paycut either. Playing for Denver isn’t enough. Players have a limited amount of time to make money in the NFL so why would he take in 2 years what he can make in 1? I would seriously question his mental stability if he made that choice to play for a ‘winner’. RG3 just got 15/2 so even if he plays poorly this year and is let go I imagine he will still come away with 7-9 mil next year as a free agent.

    As a Lions fan I have mixed feelings on Clady. The revolving door at RT due to injury doesn’t scream add a guy who has been limited due to injury over the past few years. Best I would offer is a 6th. None of the previously listed teams is a true SB contender and just an OT away from being one either so no sense in mortgaging the future for a guy who really won’t be a long term part of it.

    • He can ride the pine and still get paid, be healthy in 2017 when he gets cut from the 49ers and he’ll probably get a deal somewhere. No one will pay him 14.5-19M base salary though. But something along the 2 yr 15 M that RG3 got isn’t far off from what he’d likely garner, not playing a down, on the FA market.

  8. Why is Kap such a dik

  9. dwayne

    whoever says kap should take a pay cut, please. Who is willing to make 41 percent less than they are making now to do the same job but in a different city? On top of that, Denver got this. San fransisco will end up having to pay that 4.9 million because that’s cheaper than 12 million to keep kap on the bench. Elway purposely waited for his contract to be guaranteed because their hands are actually tied. They cant pay 12 million for a guy who doesn’t wanna play.

  10. Kap needs to keep the money he probably won’t start in Denver if Trevor is as good as Kubiak thinks he is.

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