Eagles Acquire No. 2 Pick From Browns

The Eagles and Browns have agreed to a trade that will send the No. 2 overall pick in this year’s draft to Philadelphia, the Eagles announced today (via Twitter). Along with the No. 2 overall pick in 2016, the Eagles will get a 2017 fourth-round pick from the Browns.Howie Roseman

In exchange, the Browns will receive the Eagles’ 2016 first-rounder (No. 8 overall), a third-round pick (No. 77), a fourth-round pick (No. 100), a 2017 first-round pick, and a 2018 second-round pick.

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The Eagles did a ton of homework in recent weeks on all of the top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft, with owner Jeffrey Lurie joining the team’s top football decision-makers during meetings and workouts. While some observers believed Philadelphia’s apparent interest in a QB was a smoke screen, it seems that interest was genuine.

With the Rams believed to be leaning toward taking California QB Jared Goff with the No. 1 overall pick, the Eagles are “all but assured” of drafting North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz, tweets Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Assuming Wentz is the pick, he’ll join Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel in a crowded Eagles’ quarterback picture. Bradford is on a short-term deal, which doesn’t include much guaranteed money beyond 2016, so the former No. 1 overall pick may not have much of a future in Philadelphia.

Although the Eagles didn’t have a second-round pick to trade this year as a result of 2015’s Bradford swap, the team was able to move up from No. 13 to No. 8 in a trade with the Dolphins involving Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso. That deal allowed Philadelphia to put an offer on the table for the Browns that gave Cleveland the opportunity to stay within the top 10 in 2016 while adding multiple mid-round selections in 2016 and early-round picks in 2017 and 2018.

Having moved from No. 2 to No. 8, the Browns could still take a quarterback in the first round if they really love a player like Paxton Lynch or even Connor Cook. But it appears the franchise decided that securing a boatload of additional picks was more important than using that No. 2 overall selection on Goff or Wentz. For now, that leaves Robert Griffin III and Josh McCown in the mix for the starting QB job in Cleveland, though the Browns figure to add a signal-caller at some point during the draft.

The deal is probably good news for other clubs drafting in the top six, with the possible exception of the Cowboys — the Chargers, Jaguars, and Ravens are now free to target the best non-quarterbacks in the draft, knowing that Goff and Wentz figure to come off the board within the top two picks. Reports had suggested that Dallas might be interested in one of those top two QBs, but it now appears that Jerry Jones‘ club should have its choice of top defensive prospects – including perhaps Jalen Ramsey – at No. 4.

With eight days remaining until the 2016 draft gets underway, the top two picks have now been dealt, and both teams trading out of those top spots are being run by new general managers. Time will tell whether Jon Robinson of the Titans and Sashi Brown of the Browns made the right calls, but they certainly weren’t reluctant to make major splashes within months of being hired.

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20 comments on “Eagles Acquire No. 2 Pick From Browns

  1. gfn14

    Nice job by the brownies.

    • I don’t think it was a nice job, they were gun shy about drafting another QB high but Goff and Wentz are different animals then Johnny Football. They should have taken one of them and let Griffin lose next year while the young guy learned the system.

      • kjt404

        With Lynch, Cook, and Hackenberg still on the board? I’d trade down too, Goff and Wentz are not a sure thing; why pay first overall money when the top 5 QBs are all of equal talent.

  2. Brian

    Seems like a lot to move up 6 spots. I like this trade if they get Wentz. Hate it for Goff.

    • Both are going to be good but Goff is going to be a stud, so I wouldn’t hate it if Eagles end up with him.

  3. wow.

  4. Snorgator

    Browns front office clearly trying to hit the reset button with draft picks. Nice haul considering they stayed in the top 10, probably get an impact player and wait for Day 2 on a QB

  5. TheMichigan

    Nice trade for the Browns, good for both sides

  6. Well. How’s this play out for them…
    1 – Wentz
    2 – Goff
    3 – Tunsil?
    4 – Ramsey / Bosa
    5 – Jack < Seems like the likeliest spot if not Dallas.
    6 – Bosa / Buckner / Stanley < Ravens run hybrid 3-4 so Bosa/Buckner fit
    7 – Buckner / Stanley / Hargreaves < 49ers run 3-4
    8 – Stanley? < Brown's get a OT after all? Bosa won't fit, he's a 4-3 they run a 3-4. Puzzling is why they released Whitner to create another need position.

    • If Ramsey doesn’t go to Dallas then the Jags might take him. Would give them a long-term option at CB.

  7. aarongill

    Thank you Eagles, sincerely 49ers.

    • Niners fan here, why do you say that? I wanted Goff now that is not happening. I guess we might get a better choice than we would have if certain players fall. We don’t have a QB, if we can get a 4th for Kap do it. Gabbert is a place holder for a bad team.

      • aarongill

        Why trade all that for 6 spots and get an overrated qb like wentz, draft a qb next year. We can get Watson or sign tyrod next year.

      • 49ers can still get a QB there will be some good later round ones. Heck like 5 teams out there have 2nd though 7 round QBs. 49ers can focus on other needs now

    • Thank you Niners, you now will have no QB and have Chip, sincerely Eagles

      • I totally agree with you Brian, Niners are pathetic and won’t win under Chip. Kap is terrible unless the rest of the team is outstanding to make up for all his negatives. Eagles may not make the playoffs next year but the future is bright, the niners have no future.

  8. So now you have the Jets, who still cannot afford to sign Fitzpatrick with Muhammad Wilkerson’s tag. Who else would they target if they were to trade him for a pick? They’ve already said Paxton Lynch is not enough value to trade Wilkerson. They could use – Tunsil/Stanley/Hargreaves. Not sure if there’s another player in the draft worth trading for other than Wentz/Goff. OR do they do something like… Trade Wilkerson for Sam Bradford straight up?

  9. I never wanted a first round QB anyways. If 49ers get one they will be taking a risk. Now they can focus on defense or o line. If they really want a QB there some good later round QB

  10. Interesting that the Eagles would make the trade now. Unless they love both QBs this deal makes no sense to make now unless their guy is there. Although considering how the picks are slightly spread it, its not a bad give.

  11. hill
    daren hill

    Great move by the Browns. All that to drop 6 spots when they have a hundred holes to fill, a potential franchise QB already on the roster, and in desperate need to bring in a wave of guys together to build a new culture? Master stroke.

    Plus I don’t hear anyone putting Goff and Wentz in the can’t-miss category like Cam, Matty Ryan, Luck, Manning-Rivers etc. Maybe Wentz is Big Ben II with the huge physical skills but questions about the level of competition.

    Good to see the Browns executing a strategy. Dump Johnny. Get young. Get a heathy cap. Stockpile picks. Build a totally new culture. The NFL is a better league without a doormat franchise like they’ve been.

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