Josh Gordon Fails Drug Test

TUESDAY, 8:14am: Gordon’s possible reinstatement will be delayed for the time being, tweets Adam Schefter of According to Schefter, the NFL would like to see 60 to 90 days of no red-flag tests before the league will feel comfortable considering reinstatement.

Since the season doesn’t get underway for another five months or so, that still leaves a window for the wideout to be reinstated in time to play in 2016, if he’s able to stay clean.

MONDAY, 5:44pm: Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has failed yet another drug test, according to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports. Gordon, of course, has been awaiting reinstatement into the NFL and this latest failed drug test has apparently gotten in the way of that. Josh Gordon

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The NFL collected a sample from the suspended Browns receiver in March. Both the “A” and “B” samples of Gordon’s urine were flagged as diluted and came up positive for marijuana. While the actual level of marijuana was below the 35 nanograms per milliliter required for a positive test, the diluted sample is considered a positive test.

Gordon applied for reinstatement on January 20th and the league’s policy states that a verdict must be reached within 60 days. We haven’t heard much on the former supplemental draft pick in the last few weeks and today’s news probably explains why he has been in limbo. Goodell has yet to rule on Gordon’s reinstatement request, according to a source who spoke with Garafolo.

Since his entry into the league in 2012, Gordon’s NFL career has been tumultuous to say the least. He missed the first two games of the 2013 season following a drug suspension, but then went on to lead the NFL in receiving yards, finishing with 87 receptions for 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns. Gordon will celebrate his 25th birthday on Wednesday.

Hopes were high for the 2014 season, but Gordon’s off-the-field issues resurfaced, as he was first arrested for DUI, and then suspended for one year after again violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. He was eventually reinstated after only 10 games as part of the NFL and the players’ union agreeing to a new drug policy, which reduced the sentences for some players-in-limbo. The Browns subsequently suspended Gordon for the final contest of the season after he reportedly violated team rules, and then a failed alcohol test resulted in the wideout’s ban of at least a year last February.

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17 comments on “Josh Gordon Fails Drug Test

  1. Patrick

    Wow his playing days are more than likely over

  2. Gogerty

    What a moron. Way to waste your talent. Wonder how his roommate is doing.

  3. Hopes were high but it was a contact buzz from being around Gordon.

    • GeauxRangers


  4. dorfmac

    So dumb that the NFL still is willing to ruin a guys career over weed – something that is decriminalized, legal, or allowed for medical use to varying degrees throughout the country.

    The only dumber thing is continuing to smoke it when you know it’s against the rules.

    Either way, the NFL needs to get with the times and rethink their policy towards marijuana use.

    • Matthew Madsen

      Most employers have a no drug policy and you can be terminated if they are in your system even in areas were marijuana is legal recreationally.

      • Most employers also wouldn’t shoot you up with pain killers to get you to work.

        Not saying Gordon is in the right, but the nfl’s drug policy is a bit hypocritical.

        • Matthew Madsen

          I understand what you’re saying and respect your stance. My counter point would be most employers don’t invest millions of dollars in a single employee to perform physical feats and when they do they want to be able to oversee their pain management.

    • Nick Ottino

      the NFL isnt ruining Josh Gordons career… Josh Gordon is.
      if Josh Gordon was on the Patriots Goodell Castro would have had him executed already.

    • JD396

      Yeah, I’ll be in favor of NFL players being able to smoke weed the day after I’m allowed to smoke weed without instantly and permanently ending every opportunity to even be obliquely employed in my current field.

  5. This is why the old personnel that ran the Browns are gone. Gordon and Manziel have serious character flaws and maturity issues.

  6. How dumb do you have to be? You make millions playing football. You make 8 bucks an hour at McDonalds. Guarantee he already spent his net worth on weed.

  7. TDKnies

    Can you clarify the part where it wasn’t enough to be a positive test but it’s considered positive anyway because it wasn’t at zero? Is it as simple as that? And if so, what’s the purpose of having a non-zero level be the requirement for a positive test if they can just disregard it?

    • Nood1es

      It’s a positive test because he diluted the sample. If you try to cheat on a test, it’s basically an admission guilt.

      • TDKnies

        Ah, I didn’t register the diluted sample part for some reason. Thank you!

  8. Giants51

    A flippin genius…… How stupid can one get……

  9. Your aruement is fine but areal fan know she wasnt a first round pick, and the misprint gives zero legitimacy to your “sources” and “knowledge”

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