Browns Have No Plans To Cut Isaiah Crowell

Last week, Browns running back Isaiah Crowell made headlines when he made an Instagram post depicting a police officer being stabbed in the neck by a person in a black hood. Since then, Crowell has apologized for publishing the picture on social media. While the Browns are troubled by Crowell’s actions, they have no plans to release him, according to Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer.¬†Isaiah Crowell (vertical)

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We have spoken to Isaiah regarding his extremely disturbing and unacceptable social media decision,” the Browns said in the statement. “It was completely inappropriate and we have made him aware of our high level of disappointment. Isaiah has apologized but also knows that just an apology is insufficient and that he must take steps to make a positive difference after a very negative and impactful post.”

The Browns do not intend on releasing the 23-year-old, but¬†there could still be discipline on the way from the team. However, the team first wants to give Crowell a chance to redeem himself before potentially taking action, Cabot writes. Meanwhile, the NFL seems satisfied with Crowell’s apology.

The image was inappropriate and insensitive,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said via email. “He realized this, took down the post and has since apologized.”

The Alabama St. product appeared in every Browns regular season game in both 2014 and 2015 with 13 total starts. As a rookie, Crowell made his mark by notching 8 touchdowns and running for 607 yards off of 148 carries, good for a 4.1 yards per carry average. In 2015, Crowell averaged 3.8 yards per carry with four rushing touchdowns.

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8 comments on “Browns Have No Plans To Cut Isaiah Crowell

  1. DWR58

    He should be cut. This is where black racism comes in. Had a white guy posted something similar, he would have been gone immediately. Blacks call for equality, but want much more than equality. Time for them to realize that equality means facing the consequences of their actions.

    • jsloan

      I think he’s an idiot but let’s be honest Riley Cooper wasn’t cut for saying some racist stuff.

      • Exactly my point. He made a half assed mia culpa, they got Michael Vick, “of all the damn people” to vouch for him.

    • Political correctness in the NFL only applies to some. It would really depend on the caliber of white player who posted it.

  2. Mr Crowell forget about it it’s not your fault somebody sniped 5 officers. The disturbing thing besides those innocent officers being gunned down was the innocent man being killed for a busted tail light! If you ain’t fed up with that then your not the man you are today! Have a great season bro!!

  3. DevilMan

    First off, no, he should not be fired. Understand that this is an emotionally charged young man who feels passionately about the terrible things that have occurred this past week, and that he also has a point of view, no matter if he plays professional sports or works at a gas station. He’s since apologized and it’s now in the hands of the team. This doesn’t make him a bad person, folks.

    And in regards to all of those awful incidents over the past week…quit looking to place blame and realize that the same people at the top of the pyramid have their foot on everyone’s neck and are absolutely loving the fact that things like “race” and “gun control” can be used to distract us from what’s coming. Without seeming like a conspiracy theorist, I’ll stop there, but folks, no matter your race, remember that we are all human beings, we all have families, and this is not the way.

    Wrongs never make a right, no matter your trade or color.

  4. TJECK109

    I prefer to look at the spelling. Polices?

  5. djtommyaces

    The ghetto NFL
    Not surprising

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