Josh Gordon Meets With Roger Goodell

3:12pm: A decision on Gordon’s status is not likely before the start of the season,’s Dan Graziano writes.

12:02pm: Commissioner Roger Goodell met with suspended Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon on Wednesday regarding his potential return to football, Ian Rapoport of tweets. Gordon can reapply for reinstatement on August 1. Rapoport (Twitter link) gets the sense that nothing is imminent on Gordon’s return and he adds that meeting with Goodell is a normal step in the process.

Josh Gordon

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Since his entry into the league in 2012, Gordon’s NFL career has been tumultuous to say the least. He missed the first two games of the 2013 season following a drug suspension, but then went on to lead the NFL in receiving yards, finishing with 87 receptions for 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns. Gordon celebrated his 25th birthday this offseason.

Hopes were high for the 2014 season, but Gordon’s off-the-field issues resurfaced, as he was first arrested for DUI, and then suspended for one year after again violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. He was eventually reinstated after only 10 games as part of the NFL and the players’ union agreeing to a new drug policy, which reduced the sentences for some players-in-limbo. He missed all of the 2015 season thanks to a positive alcohol test and could also be forced to sit out the 2016 campaign after the NFL denied his petition for reinstatement on the heels of another failed substance test.

Gordon, 25, will have another crack at reinstatement, but the league will keep the ban in he cannot demonstrate that he has improved his off-field behavior.

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9 comments on “Josh Gordon Meets With Roger Goodell

  1. CodyGadbois

    He can take all the painkillers he wants but can’t smoke a natural herb..that’s life

    • JCjet

      What a joke!

  2. Ravens_Last_Place

    What a sad story. The guy has so much talent but no brain. He put up some crazy numbers with the Browns QBs! Imagine if he played with GB, NE, PIT, or really anybody who has just an average QB in place.

    • tribe fan

      The sad part is one of the test he failed by .01. To put that in perspective he would have passed in the MLB, NBA, Olympics, etc. NFL has the most strict policy. Then the last time when he violated probation, he had 2 or 3 drinks on a flight home after the season was over and he thought his probation was over. So maybe he doesn’t have a brain or maybe he’s lying idk but those incidents is why he’s not on the field

      • Ravens_Last_Place

        Regardless of how strict the policy is, it’s the policy. You have to stay within the rules. If he truly did not know whether he was on probation or not his IQ must be 1.

        • There were coaches on the plane drinking with him. Don’t ever question why the coaching staff was changed again.

          • Ravens_Last_Place

            Don’t ever question? lol ok… The Browns have clearly made some very questionable choices of front office staff, coaches, and players. The whole team has been a disgrace since coming back in 1999. They should move. Like the Ravens – they moved and have won 2 SB’s. In CLE they couldn’t win a thing.

      • JD396

        A co-worker of mine once complained about how unreasonable management was after she got suspended because she clocked in 1 minute late.

        She clocked in 1 minute late after being late by more than 5 minutes (and we have a very time-sensitive job) over 80% of work days in the previous calendar year and had been given multiple letters of expectation. Then after all that, showed up one minute late.

        Eventually she got fired. For being late.

        Welcome to real life.

  3. boltman

    Time for the NFL to spend 5 months trying to decide what they want to do. If there are no pending criminal charges why cant the nfl just make a decision.

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