Extra Points: Bosa, Chargers, Hawks, Falcons

Since the first full year of the new CBA, no rookie has remained unsigned at a later date than Chargers first-round choice Joey Bosa, Field Yates of ESPN.com tweets. On Monday, Bosa shot past Justin Blackmon, who held out from Jaguars camp until August 7, 2012. Bosa, the No. 3 overall pick, is still haggling with San Diego over offset language and the payment schedule of his signing bonus, and hasn’t spoken with Chargers’ management since July 28. Because he comes from a wealthy household, Bosa has no fiscal motive to give in during negotiations with the Bolts.

Let’s take a look at a few more notes from around the league:

  • The Seahawks worked out quarterback Brad Sorensen today, according to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle (Twitter link). Sorensen, 28, has spent time with both the Chargers and Titans, but has never attempted an NFL pass. Seattle is still in the market for a veteran quarterback, but it’s not clear if Sorensen fits that definition, and as Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times writes, head coach Pete Carroll today praised undrafted free agent Trevone Boykin, who is competing to act as the club’s backup QB.
  • Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis says that he also drew interest the Falcons after the draft, as Kristian Garic of WWL tweets. Lewis, who posted 398 yards receiving during his senior season at Northen Illinois, might have had a better chance to earn a roster spot in Atlanta, as New Orleans is well-stocked at receiver position. As Roster Resource indicates, the Saints boast Brandin Cooks, Willie Snead, Michael Thomas, and Brandon Coleman at wideout, and released another option — veteran Hakeem Nicks — earlier today.
  • The NFLPA has lowered the default agent fee from 3% to 1.5%, according to┬áLiz Mullen of the SportsBusiness Journal (Twitter link). Agents can still negotiate a fee of 3%, but it’s an extra layer of work for the representatives. As such, agents tell Mullen that it wouldn’t be surprising if reps begin leaving NFL players for other leagues such as MLB or the NBA, which not only feature higher minimums, but boast fully guaranteed contracts.
  • After being fired as the Chargers‘ wide receivers coach earlier this year, Fred Graves is back with San Diego as a senior offensive assistant, according to Eric D. Williams of ESPN.com. Graves had been an NFL wideouts coach dating back to 2001.
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14 comments on “Extra Points: Bosa, Chargers, Hawks, Falcons

  1. redking

    Maybe the Chargers drafted Bosa so high because he is from a wealthy family and they thought he would let them both delay a chunk of the signing bonus and allow offset language in the contract. Wrong again.

    • luvbeisbol

      The Bolts are proposing the standard rookie contract including the offset language and timing of bonus. Bosa must think he’s unique and deserves his own unprecedented deal. Bolts have all the leverage and should just let him twist in the wind.

  2. pads fan1980

    Bosa is playing spoiled brat he is an adult quit living under you parents money and make your own

    • prestonb1291

      It’s just leverage. Climb down from your high horse.

    • ahale224

      Don’t be ridiculous, he made tons of money at Ohio State to live off of.

  3. robb fett

    Dallas gave EE the same contract as SD gave Bosa. …couple that with Archie Bosa sitting out with Miami 12 days before the season started. I put all of this on the Bosa family.

  4. luvbeisbol

    So the Bosa family is wealthy, eh? Good. They won’t mind being stonewalled by the Bolts. Schadenfreude for the rest of us…. I hope he never plays.

    • Astros_fan_84

      At this point, the Chargers may be better off not signing Bosa at all. They may be dodging a bullet.

    • Worst-case for Bosa is that he re-enters the draft next season. The Chargers can’t keep him in limbo forever.

      • He may make significantly less then what the chargers are offering him right now if he waits till the 2017 draft, will the hold out be worth it then for Bosa and his agent?

  5. whereslou

    Seems like he is worried he is going to be a bust and wants all the money guaranteed. Why not show some confidence in yourself and go out and show you deserve it? Plus what does it matter if they hold onto a few million down the road they pay you interest in it I believe it is not like you are losing anything. Rich or poor show you believe in yourself and go out and earn the money instead of wanting to double dip. What does he think this us government work?

    • Bosa and his agent have already gone on record stating they’ll make concessions on the offset language. What they won’t do is both that and defer his signing bonus.

      And he shouldn’t…only one of the past 20 top-five picks have done so, Ezekiel Elliott. It’s not like Bosa is asking for something that literally every team hasn’t given a top-five pick.

      This is good reading on the situation: link to todayspigskin.com


      • whereslou

        I didn’t know that most of the stuff I read talked more about the offset language. But I haven’t followed it real close. I also thought usury was more common that the sighing bonus was spread around like it is with beta. Veteran salaries I follow them more closely maybe because they have earned them. Thanks for the info.

    • One Fan

      Maybe its the Chargers worried about him being a bust. Why are they so stubborn about this why Don’t the Chargers show some confidence. Why blame Bosa?

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