Reactions From Tim Tebow’s Baseball Workout

Tim Tebow worked out in front of representatives of 28 different MLB teams on Tuesday and he didn’t exactly look the part of a polished big leaguer. Tebow got “mixed reviews” after his audition on the USC campus, Jerry Crasnick of writes. Tim Tebow (vertical)

Tebow, 29, ran a solid 6.70-second 60-yard-dash and belted some long home runs in practice. However, he struggled to hit off-speed pitches from former big-leaguers David Aardsma and Chad Smith. Also, according to one scout who spoke to Crasnick, Tebow showed a below-average 40 grade arm on the 20-80 scouts scale – an especially poor showing for a former NFL quarterback. Even though Tebow did not have a great day on the field, he still insists that he is serious about his baseball pursuit.

This isn’t about publicity,” Tebow said. “It’s definitely not about money. I took a pay cut to do this. For me, you pursue what you love regardless of what else happens. If you fail or fall flat on your face, and that’s the worst thing that can happen, it’s OK. When did pursuing what you love become such a bad thing? I’ll make all the sacrifices to be the best I can.”

For what it’s worth, Tebow understands that he has some work to do before he reaches the big leagues and he may even consider playing winter league ball in Latin America. If Tebow is indeed willing to leave the country to play baseball, one can’t help but wonder why he was never willing to try and reignite his football career in the CFL.

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17 comments on “Reactions From Tim Tebow’s Baseball Workout

  1. Surprisingly a Bucks Fan

    he had more confidence in his football career that he didn’t need to prove it in the CFL but with baseball he understands he should get as much play as he can, in my opinion

  2. mrpadre19

    He already had a chance to play football at the highest level.
    Why go backwards and try to revive it in Canada?
    He can’t go back and play College baseball so if he doesn’t get a contract from an MLB club he may have to go to Venezuela to show what he’s got.
    He is not looking for it to be handed to him…..just a chance to prove if he can make it.

  3. He took a pay cut? From WHAT?

    • KYRedSox17


    • KYRedSox17

      And now he’s an unemployed Baseball Player.

      • KYRedSox17

        Commentator/Analyst, idk if the comment posted prior to this one. You make more than him now…assuming you work.

    • ESPN

    • GeauxRangers

      SEC network paying him a lot of money

    • Greg Portman

      He was a college football analyst for ESPN

    • Brilliant1

      He makes a good amount of $$$ on TV

  4. hill


  5. Todda1

    I don’t buy the grade 40 arm mlb network showed a couple of his throws one was a one hopper from the outfield to home plate. I’m not a scout but there’s no way that his arm is below average

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Not everyone who can throw a football well can throw a baseball well. Some can, some can’t. It’s a different motion. In high school we had some great QBs with great arms but they threw a baseball terribly. Our QBs were usually javelin throwers each spring and excelled at that, winning state titles.

      A one hopper from the outfield to home plate probably isn’t that difficult for many baseball players with an above average arm. Throwing a low line drive strike from deep in the outfield is. Heck, we could probably one hop it if we are allowed to throw it way higher than usual to get it there.

  6. Ravens_Last_Place

    I can’t imagine this working out for Tebow.

  7. RegularEd

    “If Tebow is indeed willing to leave the country to play baseball, one can’t help but wonder why he was never willing to try and reignite his football career in the CFL.”

    Leaving the country wasn’t the issue. It was quitting the pursuit of being a starting NFL QB. He didn’t want to switch positions.

    A better comparison would be MLB teams telling him to give upon his desire to be a major league outfielder and focus on making a team as a DH. That’s just not what he believe himself to be.

    • Brilliant1

      Whether he believes it or not, I’m afraid that is who he is. He’s been a little bit stubborn about how he wants to have it all (start or bust attitude) or nothing. He could’ve played a different position and played in the NFL and maybe could have been very good, but he just never seem to give it a go or seemed as if he wanted to. It’s going to be interesting to see how far he goes but I don’t think he’s going to go very far. I’m one of the guys who thought he didn’t do a terrible job as a starter in Denver but when every NFL teams says that you’re not a starter, you’re not a starter. Like I said, good luck to him

      • When all is said and done, he probably could have had a ring or two on a team as a tight end. He wanted to QB but QB didn’t want him back.

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