Carson Wentz To Start Eagles’ Opener

MONDAY, 10:35am: Doug Pederson announced that Wentz would indeed be starting the Eagles’ season opener (via The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Zach Berman on Twitter).

SATURDAY, 12:07pm: It appears the Carson Wentz era will begin much earlier than expected in Philadelphia. As long as Wentz has recovered from his rib injury by Week 1, he’ll start the Eagles’ opener against the Browns, reports Adam Caplan of (Twitter link). Wentz missed nearly all of the preseason after suffering a hairline fracture in his ribs during the Eagles’ exhibition opener Aug. 11. Carson Wentz

Wentz, for whom the Eagles moved up in the draft to pick second overall, was not supposed to play much of a role this year with both Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel ahead of him on the club’s depth chart. However, that changed when the Eagles traded Bradford to the Vikings on Saturday for multiple draft choices, including a first-round pick next year.

Daniel, meanwhile, isn’t happy with the Eagles’ decision to turn to Wentz, according to Mike Garafolo of (on Twitter). The longtime backup with the Saints and Chiefs joined the Eagles on a three-year deal in free agency during the winter, but he failed to impress in the preseason and will now serve as a reserve to Wentz, an ex-North Dakota State star.

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12 comments on “Carson Wentz To Start Eagles’ Opener

  1. dwhitt3

    This is dumb. Keep with the plan for Wentz to learn and give Daniel his deserved chance to start

    • Chromimw

      Give him his “deserved” chance to start??? He’s a waste of a roster spot. He hasn’t earned a thing, and the Eagles don’t owe him anything. I would have rather they placed $7 million in a pile and lit it on fire than give it to this bum. This is the Carson Wentz Era. Get in borax or get off the train.

    • Chromimw

      On board*

      • blowmeonceshameonmelolblowmetwicelmao

        agree completely. totally get daniel’s reaction but that’s expected and not the team’s problem…no more than SB demanding a trade was. one could argue that both of those reactions were distractions. you could also argue that spending that high of a pick requires you use the guy. yeah, he’ll struggle. he’s a rook. so, what? the eagles f’d up putting all of that draft capital and $ into the qb spot…but it’s looking like they taking the mulligan and moving on. good for them.

    • DarkGhost

      Why do people want to baby professional players, if you are drafted number 2 overall you should start from the get go. Baptism by fire is the best way to learn. Most quarterbacks learn best by playing not watching. Very rarely do you find an Aaron Rodgers that sits the bench for years and can come in and play great, it takes on field experience to get these guys to the next level.

  2. ATWsr

    True C. Daniels is a game manager but this is Wentz turn to step up and lead and get thrown into the fire early. U look at the buccaneers with Winston, the Titans with Mariota. Plus this is a ultimate choice move by Howie. I believe Wentz will be fine we have a strong defense behind him.

  3. tribe fan

    I thought the Browns were going to be the worst team in the league…now I don’t know. 1st and 2nd pick next year?!?

  4. Strauss

    It’s the Cleveland Eagles making a dumb decision

  5. marckahn

    Eagles are not winning Super Bowl this year. Play wentz who care what their record will be. They need to be able to draft replacements for their o line. Hopefully o line won’t get wentz hurt

  6. Joeycalexc

    Chase Daniel should not speak or have an opinion. Just count your money and hold the clipboard

    • MiddleIn


      • Daniels should start the year and Wentz should take over about Week 8 Even Farve started on the bench it took a injury for him to start and his first year was frustrating for Homgren hopefully it works out for the Eagle’s

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