Bears Leadership Under Scrutiny

The Bears have limped to a disappointing 1-6 start, and the club’s front office and coaching staff is now being reviewed with the assistance of an outside consultant, according to Ian Rapoport of Sources tell Rapoport that Chicago has initiated a “full examination of the football operation from top to bottom,” and head coach John Fox may not be safe after the season concludes.John Fox (Vertical)

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Opposing general managers and coaches have been extremely critical of the Bears’ performance thus far in 2016, per Rapoport, and some around the league have also questioned whether Fox is fully invested in the club’s results. While those close to Fox claim he is still putting in as many hours as ever, it’s clear that Chicago is heading in the wrong direction. As Rapoport notes, Fox has led turnarounds in both Denver and Carolina in the past, but that trend isn’t continuing with the Bears.

General manager Ryan Pace is also being evaluated, but Rapoport reports that Chicago’s ownership doesn’t believe Pace’s two-year tenure is enough time by which to judge his accomplishments. Acquiring talent is a more arduous process than developing it, and the Bears are pleased that their 2016 rookie class has shown “flashes” of promise. Still, rancor seemingly abounds between the front office and the coaching staff, and Rapoport says the two sides conducted “intense meetings” during the past week.

Fox is under contract through the 2018 season, while Pace is signed through the 2019 campaign.

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18 comments on “Bears Leadership Under Scrutiny

  1. Rondon

    Who’s going to evaluate the most clueless ownership in football?

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      They’re not worst than SF and definitely not CLE.

      • Rondon

        The fact that you could make an argument that the Bears are, is bad enough.

    • Strauss

      Pick your poison, McCaskeys or Reinsdorf.

      • rickcwik

        How about the various owners, over 109 years, of the winless Cubs?

  2. Don Pugh

    When is Ted Phillips going to be under scrutiny? The Bears have to be the only sports organization with an accountant in charge.

    • Strauss

      The only thing Phillips has been responsible for, is that hideous space ship looking stadium with the park district grass.

  3. TJECK109

    Isn’t a 1-6 record enough of a review?

    • Kevin chaffin

      John Fox is not the same coach he once was either that or his plans were to run this organization into the ground as much as he could within his tender either way Jay Cutler has to go or we will never be nothing at least until he’s gone Bobby Massie is another one that needs to go no wonder Arizona booted his ass! And our secondary needs a whole hell of a lot of work.

      • Gary E Wheatley

        now you know why denver got rid of fox

  4. Kevin chaffin

    If we can’t get a good quarterback in this upcoming draft we will be just fine there are a few in the 2017 draft that are worth looking to draft!

  5. Kevin chaffin

    If we can get a good quarterback sorry stupid talk to text

  6. Thomas Clark

    Injuries are always with Bears, if you want something to do Phillips REPLACE this 1960’s field and find another place for training camp and there crappy field. Pace needs to quit switching these 2nd & 3rd rated players in & out or they’ll never be able to form a bond.

  7. Ryan McCartney

    I think John fox should be fired at years end…he is not the future…he probably will retire if they let him go…I know Josh McDaniels didn’t have a very good go around in denver…but he wants to be a head coach next year…he obviously knows how to run a good offense…the qb situation should also be addressed via free agency with Jimmy garrapalo…he already knows the offense McDaniels will run…fangio is a great defensive coordinator that has nothing to work with…go after another impact player on defense…and draft a tackle in the 2nd…db in the 3rd…sign alshon…it would be fun to watch him with a good quarterback…not a .500 qb

    • Gary E Wheatley

      now you see why denver got rid of Fox

    • jayd

      Jimmy G isn’t a free agent at the end of this year. The bears would have to trade for him if they wanted him in 2017

  8. craig

    We should hire Josh Mcdaniels as Head Coach and keep Fangio and draft our next qb in the 1st Round !!!

  9. firefox notsafari

    If I hear Fox crying about injuries again I will puke. The Bears just got all but 1 of their players back from injury — starters especially — and promptly lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a game they should have won by several points. They had plenty of talent to win today but didn’t get it done… again.

    Fox needs to be held accountable. Recall when the Broncos fired him and then won the Super Bowl the very next year. What evidence can anyone point to of something positive he has accomplished?

    Fox doesn’t manage the OFF, DEF or ST so what exactly does he do? He is a terrible clock manager, his vaunted turnaround hasn’t happened this year, and worst of all, he is grossly arrogant and treats the media– the mouthpiece to the fans– like crap. He’s no Joe Maddon, that’s for sure.

    The NFL’s founding franchise is going downhill under his leadership and it’s time for him to reap what he sowed. A ticket out of Chicago.

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