Packers Acquire RB Knile Davis From Chiefs

The Chiefs have traded running back Knile Davis to the Packers, a source tells Terez A. Paylor of the Kansas City Star (on Twitter). In exchange for Davis, the Chiefs will receive a conditional seventh-round pick in 2018, according to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Twitter link). The two sides have since confirmed the deal via press release.Knile Davis

The Packers need some help at running back after No. 2 RB James Starks had knee surgery. Making matters worse, starter Eddie Lacy is playing through an ankle injury of his own. Green Bay promoted UDFA Don Jackson from the practice squad yesterday, but they also wanted a running back with NFL experience on the depth chart. Davis fell out of favor in KC, but it wasn’t long ago that he was the primary backup to Jamaal Charles. Starks will likely be out “about four weeks” after going under the knife and Davis should help to hold down the fort until then.

Davis has been seeking a trade for some time now and he finally got one today. The Chiefs now have Charles back in the lineup and his return bumped Davis all the way down to No. 4 on the running back depth chart. With no real need for Davis, KC decided to get something of value instead of stashing the young tailback behind Charles, Spencer Ware, and Charcandrick West. All three players recently signed extensions with the Chiefs while Davis was left on his old contract.

Last season, Davis’ main contribution came in the Wild Card playoffs when he opened up the contest against the Texans with a 106-yard kick return touchdown. In the regular season, Davis had just 28 total carries for 72 yards and one score. From 2013-2015, the former third-round pick carried the ball 232 times for 777 yards, good for a 3.3 yards-per-carry average. This year, he had just one carry for a loss of two yards.

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25 comments on “Packers Acquire RB Knile Davis From Chiefs

  1. hopespringseternal

    Would it be “over the top” to ask what he was traded for?

    • ib6ub9

      It says in the story a conditional draft pick that is based on playing time

  2. Andrew

    Next move, fire McCarthy.

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      He’s probably safe there for another season or two.

    • ib6ub9

      Him,Thompson and Capers need to be let go. McCarthy won a super bowl he is good for life the Packers won’t fire him. He will have to leave on his own.

      • JamesW26

        With two Super Bowl rings, we all thought the same thing in Denver with Mike Shanahan. It’s never set in stone.

    • fisher40

      He’ll be gone at the end of the year, imo He’ll resign due to burnout, wanting to spend more time w his family etc.. next wish is for Thompson to resign…

  3. crazysull

    Why would they do that? Thy went out and got a cheap fill in option. Who did you expect them to bring in? Did you think they would go out and try and get David Johnson?

    • mandin2

      i think this is a good trade for the packers,this kid could prove to KC that he is good and if the packers give him playing time he may become the back they really need it.

    • mandin2

      A good QB should not count only on one receiver,if you line up 3 or 4 of then,someone have to be open,but seen to me that Rogers don’t really trust the others,Nelson & Cobb thats it,teams knows that and Lazy really don’t scare others teams anymore….i remember a few years back we don’t have a running game and we line up 4 WR’s and that was great to watch.

      • MikePLV10

        Cobb doesn’t impress anymore. He was exposed last season, he can’t get open when they press him.. they have 2 of him with Montgomery. Janis is the only other big receiver they have, they only play him when they are desperate and besides Nelson he is the only one that can get open once the play breaks down..lacy is running great this season.. they need to get less predictable on offense, give Janis a shot to work opposite of Nelson, have Cobb/Montgomery alternate in the slot.

  4. MikePLV10

    I would rather them get a receiver that can get open! Tired of watching Rodgers have all the time in the world yet have no one open! They double up on Nelson because other teams know no one else can let get open! Davis will be a good back up.

  5. rbturk

    love my Pack but would like to see more open recievers and a defense that can stop a apponent also less injuries and more yards rushing!

    • MikePLV10

      ^second that!

  6. Danthemilwfan

    In exchange for knile Davis the packs gave kc a hand shake that when they play each other green bay promises to play his has been ass

  7. Skol72

    This is not a good pick up by the Pack. they should have traded for Sproles. they need a running back that can catch the ball well out of the backfield. their offense relies on it. Lacy is not the answer at that position. Rodgers has lost his safety valve in the passing game without a receiving running back. im not a Pack fan but I can see why their offense is sputtering. im amazed that the coach and management cant

    • mandin2

      Matty you have to come with me five weeks back and get sproles,this is not back to the future Skol we need a running back now…the offence is sputtering becouse nobody get open,thats why you are not a coach.

      • Skol72

        although I enjoy the in depth substance of your responses Mandin. when you have to suck a linebacker in on a running back for the fear of him catching out of the backfield then it opens up that middle of the field passing lane that Rodgers has lived on. wait, im not a coach so let me put up a comment that you will understand better. the Packers have no wide receivers and a quarterback that cant hit receivers in tight spots either due to his diminishing skills or he is not focused because of his commitments to his State Farm commercials. it is time to open your eyes to what is going on in Green Bay. your GM and head coach arent seeing eye to eye on personal either. wake up Mandin

      • Skol72

        and McCarthy’s play calling has become predictable. reality sucks Mandin.

    • mandin2

      are you the moderator?

  8. mandin2

    wow…i must say something really bad

  9. mandin2

    never post here againg,…done

  10. mandin2

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.whats is this …

    • JamesW26

      If it’s anything like other WordPress blogs I’ve worked with, I’d guess that the system flagged you as a potential spammer due to the frequency of your commenting, and not necessarily the content of your comments. There are great moderators/content owners on this site, and I’m sure they’d be happy to talk to you about it and clear it up for you if you contact them.

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