Bills Fed Up With Marcell Dareus?

Thanks to injuries and his suspension, Marcell Dareus has appeared in just one game for the Bills this season. During his ban, Dareus let himself go and some in the Bills organization are frustrated with his perceived lack of effort, according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link). Marcell Dareus

Some team officials would like to cut ties with the defensive tackle, but that’s easier said than done given the money owed to him going forward. The Bills would be on the hook for tons of guaranteed cash, money that was given to him a little over a year ago in a mammoth extension worth $95MM over six years with the potential to crack the $100MM mark. Typically, a drug policy violation would allow the Bills to get out of all guarantees, but a rare clause in his contract limited the punishment to only the year of the misstep. In other words, Dareus’ 2016 guarantees went out the window, but all other guarantees through 2021 remained untouched.

A defensive tackle under old head coach Doug Marrone, the Bills switched Dareus to nose tackle spot under Rex Ryan last year. Dareus’ gaudy sack totals went away, but he was still a powerful run stuffer and Buffalo felt compelled to lock him up. Given the headaches of this season, the Bills are unquestionably regretting their decision. Trouble is, there’s no easy way out with the soon-t0-be 27-year-old.

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15 comments on “Bills Fed Up With Marcell Dareus?

  1. Booger

    Jason Cole is an idiot. He’s the one who said last year that Ryan and Whaley would be fired.

    He’s never right on anything, so he hardly has any credibility whatsoever…and the Bills aren’t paying or carrying $50+ million in dead money.

    Whoever comes up with this nonsense is a moron…the worst kind of “media member.”

    • Mike

      As of right now, the Bills have $45.4 mil in dead money for Dareus’ contract alone.

  2. Louisiana Farmhand

    They bout to drop the log on this hawg. Watch it dawg. Y’all can always came back down the south. I reckon you can. Don’t be scare to rake that rattlesnake if you see fit son.

    • josc2

      What does any of that mean?

      • Louisiana Farmhand

        Get y’all behind to the bayou to learn it up. Spicy.

        • renrut63

          That’s how we won the war reb

          • Louisiana Farmhand

            Deep South is where the manly men be. Hard labor and good eatin. Don’t get no better. No suits. No fancy autos. None of that sissy stuff. Ya got what ya earn. Want a nice house? Ya build it. Real manly livin. No sissy office jobs at desk. South baby.

  3. crazysull

    They should have know something was up when he asked for that clause in his contract. If he asked for something like that and I was the GM I would expect something was up and end the extension talks right then and there until further notice.

    • aff10

      Haha, that was my first reaction too. I doubt the Bills volunteered that, so his camp must’ve pushed for it. That seems like a… red flag.

  4. Mike

    The NFL and team owners need to crack down of positives drug results. I don’t have the luxury of keeping my job if I tested positive.

  5. Chris Braun

    Maybe the worst long term contract ever signed by a NFL team. A Nose tackle??? With a Pot background. With weight issues??? Was this a Whaley deal? Even when the fat, pot smoker was healthy he was just a good NT… Nothing close to a superstar.

  6. STLCards33

    What a joke of a contract. How embarrassing for the bills

  7. Mike

    With having moved him to NT, why would you ever pay him that kind of money. NT aren’t known for sacks or stats, they are known as run-stuffers or guys who free up LBs. The Bills seriously couldn’t have expected the same type of production after the position switch.

  8. Thomas BACH

    Hav him sit on the bench all yr,!!!

    • thomasammy43

      until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


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