Browns Notes: Jackson, Kessler, RG3

The Browns may be 0-10, but head coach Hue Jackson apparently isn’t in danger of losing his job. Executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown told reporters that Jackson won’t be fired despite the team’s losing record.

“We are not focused on 0-16,” Brown said (via Tom Withers of the Associated Press). “Hue is going to be here as our head coach. We talked about continuity being one of the core premises of what we wanted accomplished going out in January. We know that we have a head coach that can be successful here and lead us to a lot of victories and a lot of winning.”

Let’s take a look at some other notes out of Cleveland…

  • For what it’s worth, Jackson never thought he was close to losing his job. “I never thought I was going anywhere,” he said. “I know that’s been part of the plan since Day 1, before I took the job. I felt very comfortable. I know there has been a lot of mudslinging going around, but I get it. That’s part of it when you have the record that we do, I expect things to be said. But we are comfortable and we know exactly what we’re trying to do.”
  • Mike Florio of notes that the decision to fire Jackson would ultimately be up to the team’s owners, Jimmy and Dee Haslam. Furthermore, Florio notes that no one has said that the head coach is definitively safe if the team does finish the season without a victory.
  • Marla Ridenour of writes that Browns’ refusal to acknowledge his team’s mistakes during the draft “doesn’t bode well” for the Browns’ future. When asked if the team made a mistake dealing away the second-overall pick (or if they made a mistake selecting Cody Kessler), Brown continued to preach the team’s process, stating they were “pleased with the decision we made.”
  • Robert Griffin III is hoping to see the field again this season. The quarterback told Mary Kay Cabot of that he hopes to return from his shoulder injury in 2016. “We’ve got six games left this year, a chance to finish strong, and if I get a chance to be a part of that, I definitely want to,” Griffin said. Brown told reporters that Griffin is on pace to return this season, but he notes that the decision will ultimately be up to Jackson. Griffin is eligible to be activated from the injured reserve at any time.
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7 comments on “Browns Notes: Jackson, Kessler, RG3

  1. adshadbolt

    Yea why not have Carson Wentz when you can have RG3,Kessler, McCown and draft picks that you’ll screw up anyway.Totally genius

    • JT19

      No one knew around the draft that Wentz would be this efficient enough to be a starter. Philly sure as hell didn’t think he’d be otherwise they wouldn’t have signed Bradford and/or Daniels.

  2. TheMichigan

    How has Kessler been a mistake? He has a 6/1 TD-INT ratio. And a 95.7 PR with 1.2.k passing yards…. I mean Wentz would be doing the same with that terrible O-Line and lack of receivers.

    I mean come on.

  3. stryk3istrukuout

    Not only has Kessler not been bad, the Eagles are in better position to succeed as a team. Though maybe aside from a potential extra win, I have a hard time believing Wentz would have turned the Browns around otherwise. Coming into the season, there was uncertainty as to how Pryor would even adjust to wide receiver, let alone thrive as he is doing, followed by an injury to Coleman (who seems to be worth the 1st round pick based on play when he has been healthy). Plus, Kessler wasn’t even expected to be the starter and was likely unprepared. And that’s just on offense.

  4. SportsCoach

    Okay the Marla Ridenour article is honestly really dumb and looking at things in an extremely negative light. They actually scouted and drafted really well. They are trying to rebuild and the fact that Kessler wasn’t drafted to start but still got stuck playing cause of injuries and hasn’t done all that bad. The OLine hasn’t been healthy which is a QBs worst nightmare. Browns could have won games earlier in the season and with the fact they will likely have the number one pick, number 20 area pick and two second round picks, plus a bunch of day three picks, the team is likely going to rebuild quickly. They cut a ton of veterans and they are building the roster from the ground up. This process will take a few years but if they stick with it and not be so quick to hit the reset button, this team will make the playoffs here in a couple seasons. For the first time in this franchises new history (aka 1999 and forward) the FO and the Coach are working together. It will take some time. It’s not like they took over the Steelers like Tomlin did. They took over a bad team and are trying to do it the right way by bringing in a ton of young talent and then going to sign veterans when they are playoff ready. It will work just have a bit of faith reporters.

  5. Crazy

    Everyone always forgets to mention that had the Browns stayed at 2 and taken Wentz, they would not have gotten Corey Coleman, Shon Coleman, Cody Kessler, Ricardo Louis, Derrick Kindred, Jordan Payton or Spencer Drango, nor the 1st and 2nd next year and the 2nd in 2018. At least 5 players would not be on this team right now (they would have kept a 5 and 6 in trades) if they had kept the pick and taken Wentz, but those 7 would not be Browns. 3 WRs, 3 OL, a S, Kessler would not have been drafted if Wentz was chosen but Cleveland would not have had the pick. Plus the 3 future picks. The Browns would have had a 5th (#141 – Zack Sanchez was taken by Carolina) and a 6th (#176 – Andy Janovich was taken by Denver) back from those trades. It would have been the same “who is going to block for him?” and “who is he going to throw to?” stuff, so it was better to get some foundation pieces first. But no one ever talks about that aspect of it.

    • SportsCoach

      @Crazy, your name may be crazy but your words are not at all! I wish the media would shut up for a change!

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