Michael Vick On Jets, Smith, Jackson

The Jets have never been shy when it comes to media attention and they’ve already ensured that they’ll be dominating the back pages of the New York tabloids for the next several months. Last week, the Jets signed Michael Vick to a one-year, $5MM deal, putting him in direct competition with rising sophomore Geno Smith. The former Falcons and Eagles signal caller spoke with SNY’s Daily News Live earlier tonight and Manish Mehta of the Daily News has the goods. Let’s take a look at the highlights..

Vick on where he is at this point in his career:

I feel like I’m a legitimate starting quarterback in this league,” Vick said. “I feel like I can compete with the best of them. I feel like I can win football games. Yes, I’m not saying it out of arrogance, just with some mojo. I’m confident in my abilities and I could lead a football team.”

Are you concerned about a quarterback controversy with Smith?

I don’t think I should try to prevent that situation from happening because there’s going to be bigger situations in Geno’s career that’s going to have to manifest,” Vick said. “Being in a quarterback competition with a guy that as he said ‘looked up to’ and would enjoy competing with every day, it’s not a pressure situation. The pressure comes when you have to go out there and win football games.”

Vick on former Eagles teammate DeSean Jackson, who has been subject to recent trade talk:

I think sometimes it takes a change in your life to understand really what needs to happen, and the course that needs to be set,” Vick said. “Maybe it’s time for a change for DeSean to help him understand the maturation process of his young NFL life and his personal life. Whatever happens, I will continue to be a great friend to him and try to help him as much as I can mentor-wise so he doesn’t have to go through any situations that may be detrimental to his life.”

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