Poll: What Will Happen To Demaryius Thomas?

Broncos’ wide receiver Demaryius Thomas‘ contract is set to expire after the 2014-2015 season. The reigning All-Pro wideout and former first round pick is considered to be among the league’s elite receiving talents. As our own Luke Adams described in this very thorough post, recent star wide receiver contracts would point to a potential five-year deal for Thomas, with Greg Jennings ($45MM), Vincent Jackson, ($55MM), Dwayne Bowe($56MM), Mike Wallace ($60MM), and Percy Harvin ($64.25MM) all signing recent contracts for five years. 

Thomas’ contract situation received considerable press a few weeks ago when a story broke that the Broncos had offered the former Georgia Tech standout a five-year deal. Although those alleged contract talks quickly cooled off, there is still substantial speculation regarding how the Broncos will handle the two-time Pro Bowler. It seems that Thomas’ contract situation can go one of several ways: he can re-sign with the Broncos at some point before, during, or after the 2014-2015 Season, or, should the Broncos’ salary cap become too congested, he could test the free agent market after next season. With Wes Welker, Julius Thomas, and Von Miller‘s contracts all set to expire sometime before the 2016-2017 Season, it appears that the Broncos will have some difficult personnel decisions to make in the coming two years.

What do you think will happen to Demaryius Thomas? Will he remain a Bronco? If so, when will he re-sign? If you think he will sign elsewhere, please feel free to elaborate your thought process in the comment section.

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