Jeff Garcia Wants To Coach In NFL

Former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia spent 12 years in the league (as well as five seasons in the CFL), so no one would blame the 44-year-old if he wanted to distance himself from the sport. That is apparently not the case, as Matt Maiocco of writes that the four-time Pro Bowler is hoping to one day become an NFL head coach.

First, Garcia will likely have to secure a job as an assistant, and Maiocco makes it seem like the former quarterback is willing to pay his dues and climb the coaching ladder. He already has some coaching experience under his belt; he spent this past season as the Montreal Alouettes’ quarterbacks coach. Garcia has also tutored some NFL quarterbacks, including Mark Sanchez, Tyrod Taylor and Matt McGloin.

Garcia may soon be adding Colin Kaepernick to that list. The young quarterback previously told Maiocco that he’s considering working with an independent throwing coach during the offseason, and Garcia believes he has plenty to offer the young star.

“As somebody who played the position for a long time and didn’t fit the stereotype, who had to overcome the odds and battle, not just on a yearly basis but a daily basis just to prove himself, I know a lot of what it takes in order to achieve at that position,” Garcia said. “And I’d be more than happy to help him out any way I can.

“If he’s open to it, hey, I’d love nothing more than to be someone who can help him continue to grow.”

“He’s a highly athletic, talented young man,” Garcia continued. “He’s still young. There is always room for growth. When I was 38 years old and starting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I was trying to be a better player. How could I work on my game? How could I be mentally sharper? How can I be physically sharper? How can I be stronger? How can I be better for my team? That is never going to fade away if you expect to be the best.”

Garcia finished his career with 25,537 passing yards, 161 touchdowns and 83 interceptions.

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