Community Tailgate: Jets QB Situation

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Today, we head to the swamps of Jersey (metaphorically, not literally – settle down) to discuss the Jets’ quarterback situation. As we all know, the Jets have been pining for stability under center for years now. In 2009, the Jets thought they had found their future franchise quarterback in USC product Mark Sanchez. Sanchez helped guide the Jets to back-to-back AFC Championship game appearances in his first two NFL seasons, but a few down years and a butt fumble led to his exit from New York. So far, Geno Smith hasn’t had much luck as his successor and 2014’s fallback plan Michael Vick didn’t give the Jets the kind of insurance policy they were hoping for.

But, hope springs eternal, and the Jets are cautiously optimistic that they can get Smith to turn things around in his third year. However, the new regime isn’t simply giving the reins to Smith and hoping for the best. This year, their insurance policy is veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, a quarterback with 89 career starts to his credit. Right now, Smith is No. 1 on the depth chart, but the 32-year-old has made it clear that he’s ready to be Gang Green’s starter if called upon.

A lot of my career has been not necessarily being the guy right away and having to step in and not having there be any sort of drop-off,” said Fitzpatrick, according to Newsday’s Kimberley A. Martin. “That’s something that I pride myself on, whether I’m the Day One starter or whether I’m the third-string guy. When I go in there I’m going to be ready and be able to execute.”

Ultimately, do you think Fitzpatrick will win over Jets coaches in training camp and secure the starting job? If not, could you see him leapfrogging Smith early in the season? Or, do you think Smith will remain as the Jets’ No. 1 QB from wire to wire? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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7 comments on “Community Tailgate: Jets QB Situation

  1. Johnny

    I don’t see either as a long-term solution. The Jets are going to have their defense play quarterback and hope they win games 6-0.

  2. Fratchize

    In my opinion this is one of the toughest topics of the 2015 offseason to discuss. There are so many factors that can contribute to believing either of these scenarios. A lot of fans like to hate on geno, but the fact remains he’s a talented player. Will he put it all together is the question. You could say he’s going into his third season (a time when many experts think qbs make a big jump), he’s got a very talented receiving core, and he has an OC who will Taylor the playbook to his strengths. On the other hand, in a league of such skilled dbs, accuracy can’t really be what your weakness is. And back in 2011, with Sanchez going into year 3, it seemed like he had the opportunity to acned to stardom. He was coming off a nice 2010 campaign and had what was thought to be a revamped receiving core. Obviously didn’t happen. And OL is pretty suspect this year. Big ? at RG and brick is another yr older.
    Long story short if anyone says they are sure what’s going to happen, they’re a liar lol

  3. Rob DiRe

    If I’m the Jets’ decision maker, my plan is to go with Fitzy with an eye to get Petty into the lineup as soon as he’s ready (assuming Fitz doesn’t prove himself worthy).

    The only way I let Geno factor in is if he really impresses in a way he just hasn’t since being drafted. Although, I’m biased because I was very, very, VERY low on him coming out of WVU, well before Gang Green got their quarterback-killing hands on him.

  4. Albie Rivera

    I believe Geno will lead wire to wire simply because Gailey will alter the offense as we go week to week, however, if we are losing games because of Geno, I can see Bowles switching to Fitzpatrick and getting Petty ready ASAP. This new regime is not tied to Geno. They’ll give him every opportunity to succeed but he’s definitely on his last leg here. It’s do or die time Geno


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