Poll: What Should Tom Brady’s Suspension Be?

When Tom Brady was handed his four-game suspension, all signs pointed to the four-time Super Bowl Champion being guilty, even if there was some surprise to the severity of the penalties associated with DeflateGate.

However, since the suspension was announced, a lot has happened that may have changed the public opinion on the subject. Brady predictably appealed the suspension, and although the NFLPA asked Roger Goodell to recuse himself from the hearing, the commissioner refused.

When Brady and Roger sit down together on Tuesday, it will be with a load of new information since the Wells Report was released. In the past week, both the American Enterprise Institute and Science Now have published lengthy reports that have raised doubt in the accuracy and focus of Ted Wells’ findings, providing Brady’s case with reasonable doubt from a scientific and procedure standpoint.

Of course, that doesn’t nullify the evidence Wells collected via text message, video, and interviews during his investigation.

Of course, not many fans and pundits expect the appeal hearing with Goodell to completely exonerate the reigning Super Bowl MVP, but Brady could still see his suspension reduced to two games. If that happens, and especially if it stays at four, Brady and the NFLPA will have the option to further a pursue an appeal in court.

Either way, it should be interesting to see how this turns out for both Brady and the league.

In light of all the information we have now, how long should Brady’s suspension be?

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5 comments on “Poll: What Should Tom Brady’s Suspension Be?

  1. Dave

    317 patsy fans out of 844 at the time of this post. Anyone who thinks that he is completely innocent isn’t an NFL fan, they’re just patsies

    • John

      The vote for no suspension isn’t even about whether or not the Patriots tampered with the balls. It’s about the fact that Brady himself didn’t do anything, isn’t linked to anything, and all the precedent in NFL history doesn’t involve suspending the QB when game balls are tampered with.

      Do you think Newton and Bridgewater weren’t “at least generally aware” that the game balls were being manipulated (with sideline heaters and 12/1/14)?

  2. DKSkinsfan

    Will be reduced to 3 games in time for the bye week and get ready for the Dallas game..Big game for TV…

  3. MadMc44

    Were the Pat’s Employees caught tampering with the balls? Was Brady found guilty of deflating?
    Unless evidence shows TB directly said to the two employees of the Pat’s ” I want you to reduce the pressure in the balls” it’s a tough call.
    As a long time Pat’s fan and with all the info present–the NFLPA should push for total exoneration. If Brady is found guilty beyond a question that he lied or tampered with the employees he should be suspended for a year.
    According to reports many QB’s have tampered–why Brady gets singled out–is because the Commish wanted BB to be the guilty party and that didn’t happen.
    My guess TB get’s no suspension Commish is fired by the NFL owners.


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