Community Tailgate: NFC Playoff Picture

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Last week, we explored the AFC playoff picture, which appeared cloudy at the time and hasn’t exactly cleared up any further in the days since then. Things are perhaps a little less murky in the NFC, where there are at least two clear contenders for the Wild Card spots, but with six weeks still left in the season, there are plenty of questions still to be answered.

The 10-0 Panthers have all but locked up a postseason berth in some form or another, and the 8-2 Cardinals, barring a total collapse, will join them in the playoffs. In the NFC North, the Packers and Vikings are tied at 7-3, putting them in good position to earn playoff spots as the division winner and Wild Card team, in some order.

Green Bay and Minnesota aren’t 100% locks though, and neither are the 6-4 Falcons, who are currently holding the second Wild Card spot despite losing three consecutive games. The Giants, Buccaneers, and Seahawks are all lurking at 5-5, and there are several 4-6 teams that shouldn’t be ruled out of the picture quite yet.

Of course, one of those 5-5 teams – the Giants – leads the NFC East, where no teams are above .500 at the moment. That division is so bunched up that the 3-7 Cowboys, who lost seven straight contests in Tony Romo‘s absence, are a solid dark horse candidate to ultimately snatch the East crown from New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.

What do you think? Which six teams will make the postseason in the NFC? Will the defending NFC champs in Seattle end up nabbing a Wild Card spot? Will the first team to nine wins take the NFC East?

Weigh in below in the comments section to let us know your thoughts!

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12 comments on “Community Tailgate: NFC Playoff Picture

  1. 1) Carolina Panthers
    2) Arizona Cardinals
    3) Green Bay Packers
    4) New York Giants
    5) Minnesota Vikings
    6) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (I like their momentum heading into the later part of the season plus their weak schedule more than Seattle or Atlanta)

  2. Simon

    1) Panthers
    2) Vikings
    3) Cardinals
    4) Giants
    5) Packers
    6) Falcons

  3. Dallas Robinson

    Carolina, Arizona, Green Bay, and New York as division winners; Minnesota and Seattle as the two wild cards. I just don’t think Atlanta has what it takes, especially given that they still have to play the Panthers twice.

  4. Dylan

    1) Panthers
    2) Cardinals
    3) Packers
    4) Cowboys
    5) Vikings
    6) Seahawks

  5. Sam Robinson

    Having beaten just one winning team and still featuring a quarterback that’s completed fewer than 57% of his passes to a mediocre receiving corps, the Panthers will be as doubted as a No. 1 seed’s been in recent years. Since the Cardinals have a fairly difficult schedule forthcoming, Carolina looks solid here, though. The Cowboys’ hopes are probably sunk as well, with tough games against the Panthers, at the Bills and in Green Bay upcoming. The Seahawks’ having to play the Steelers, Vikings and Cardinals — the latter two on the road — still could open the door for someone like the Bucs, who have winnable home games against the Falcons, Saints and Bears on their docket. Their Week 17 game at Carolina also could feature Derek Anderson and scant first-team participation. So I’ll go with the Vikings and Bucs as the wild cards behind Panthers-Cardinals-Packers-Giants.

  6. mikevinc12

    Dave 1. Panthers 2. Cards 3. Packers4. Vikes 5. Bucs 6. G men g men intriguing play NE TOUGH! Pack gets hot due to Lacey and Jones(it’s the hoodie). Gut instinct Pack D and running game gets em in SB big stretch of my neck here!

  7. mikevinc12

    The above were my per rankings mixed with div winners doc winners panthers Packers Giants Cards then Vikes and Bucs sorry


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