Schefter On NFL Head Coaching Searches

While the Browns liked Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin and Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, the team recognized the importance of upgrading its offense, which was one reason Hue Jackson was the choice as Cleveland’s new head coach, writes Adam Schefter of According to Schefter, the Browns believe that by hiring Jackson they not only strengthened their own organization, but weakened a division rival, in the Bengals.

Schefter has some details on the rest of the head coaching decisions as well, so let’s dive in and round up the highlights….

  • The Giants “seriously entertained” the possibility of hiring Mike Smith as their head coach and keeping Ben McAdoo at offensive coordinator, says Schefter. However, when the Eagles expressed legit interest in McAdoo, the Giants knew they couldn’t risk losing him.
  • As for those Eagles, they were determined to be more patient this time around than when they hired Chip Kelly, but two of their top candidates – Adam Gase and McAdoo – were hired by other teams while Philadelphia was being patient. Since the club was already familiar with Doug Pederson, it was “completely comfortable” turning to him despite the fact that his initial interview was ordinary, according to Schefter.
  • The 49ers viewed Kelly, Mike Shanahan, Tom Coughlin, and Anthony Lynn as viable candidates, and felt they would have been in good shape no matter which direction they went in. The fact that Kelly is the only one of the group without a Super Bowl ring was a factor in San Francisco’s choice, since the club feels he’ll be hungry to get that championship.
  • The Buccaneers took a week to hire Dirk Koetter even though most people expected him to be the choice all along, leading to some whispers that the Glazers “attempted a big swing” before officially promoting Koetter, says Schefter.
  • Despite a final push from Ray Horton last Saturday, the Titans‘ owners never wanted to get away from Mike Mularkey, who was their top choice all along.
  • As for the Dolphins, they entered their coaching search planning to be aggressive, and Gase’s desire to land a head coaching job – after being passed over last year – matched up well with that aggressiveness from the team, making him the first new coach hired this month.
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4 comments on “Schefter On NFL Head Coaching Searches

  1. Dallas Robinson

    I wonder who the Bucs’ “big swing” is referring to? They tried to hire Chip Kelly a few years ago, so maybe that qualifies? (Although Kelly probably would prefer to work with Winston over Kaepernick, and likely would have taken the job if offered). Or maybe they thought about luring someone like Bill Cowher — or even reuniting with Jon Gruden — out of retirement.

    • Matthew

      Kelly didn’t want to get beaten by Newton twice a year for as long as he would be coaching in Tampa, and relive what might have been had Auburn not been soooo goood.

  2. jmgara

    Instead of choosing a coach who has proven he can win a Super Bowl, the Niners chose someone who hasn’t because he’ll be hungry to get there? I’m hungry to, but I don’t think I’d be able to get them there. What convoluted logic run the ownership and braintrust of this organization!

    • Luke Adams

      To be fair, I think there are real questions about whether Shanahan and Coughlin can continue to be effective as they near their 70s, and Lynn won his Super Bowls as a player, not as a coach. But I definitely hear what you’re saying — I did a bit of a double-take when I first read that too.


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