Dolphins Acquire Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso

3:10pm: The Eagles have confirmed the trade on Twitter. Maxwell, Alonso and the 13th pick in the draft will go to Miami for the eighth selection.

10:33am: Albert Breer of the NFL Network (Twitter link) confirms that the deal, as currently constructed, would send Maxwell, Alonso, and the 13th overall pick to the Dolphins in exchange for the eighth overall pick. We’ll have to wait until the deal becomes official sometime after 3:00pm CT today, but it doesn’t appear any other picks will be involved.Byron Maxwell

9:50am: Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News (Twitter link) is one of a handful of writers to report that the Eagles/Dolphins trade will once again move forward as planned.

9:41am: Maxwell’s shoulder has been cleared by the Dolphins’ medical staff, according to his agent Alvin Keels (Twitter link). As such, the trade between Miami and Philadelphia should be back on.

7:36am: Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald stresses (via Twitter) that the trade is “not off” yet. The Dolphins are continuing to gather more information to determine their comfort level going forward, says Salguero.

7:06am: According to Werder (via Twitter), the trade would have seen the Dolphins and Eagles swap first-round picks, with Philadelphia moving up from No. 13 to No. 8. Werder adds, however, that the deal can be considered “dead” for the time being.

7:00am: The agreed-upon trade between the Dolphins and Eagles that will send Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso to Miami is in limbo, as the new league year approaches, according to multiple reports.

A source initially told Chris Mortensen and Ed Werder of (Twitter link) that the trade may be off due to concerns from the Dolphins’ side about Maxwell’s shoulder, which he injured at the end of last season. However, Ian Rapoport of (Twitter links) indicates that, while the deal is “held up” as the Dolphins take a closer look at Maxwell’s shoulder, it’s not off yet. Rapoport describes Miami’s examination Maxwell’s health as “concerning, but not abnormal.”

On Monday, the Dolphins and Eagles reached an agreement on a trade involving Maxwell and Alonso, but that agreement was pending physicals. Since no trade can be finalized until the new league year begins at 3:00pm central time today, neither team is necessarily locked into it quite yet.

Still, with both clubs having been pursuing other moves that are somewhat dependent on this trade going through, it would be a major upset if it fell apart — the Dolphins’ concerns about Maxwell’s shoulder would have to be pretty serious.

While we haven’t yet heard what sort of compensation the Eagles will be getting in the deal, it’s worth considering that perhaps news of the Dolphins’ apprehensions has leaked in an effort to encourage Philadelphia to agree to a lesser draft pick in the trade in order to get it done.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this deal as the day progresses.

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6 comments on “Dolphins Acquire Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso

  1. Bob O'

    I only pray to GOD that this deal DOES NOT go through. After all the leaks and reports that Miami is giving Eagles our top 10 Pick is OUTRAGEOUS!! And if that’s not enough I’m also hearing they also get our 4th rounder and additional picks as well!??! JC WTH are they thinking. PLEASE let this deal DIE and let Miami stay the course and get Hargreaves! The more I hear about this deal the more I HATE IT!! Been a fan for 45 yrs — this may be the straw that’s break me

    • aarongill

      It’s a swap of picks, Dolphins would be going down 5 spots in the draft.

    • Dave

      Simmer down there and read more. It’s a swap of 1st round picks and the rumor is the Dolphins get the extra pick from the Eagles.

  2. Rick L

    I don’t understand this trade, but I have given up trying to fathom what the Eagles are doing from year to year. Giving up two starting players, to move up a few spots in the draft? It just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

    • They gave up Maxwell who was extremely over paid. Dumping his salary allows us to sign players of equal or better caliber for cheaper and sets us up better in the draft. Moving from 13 to 8 gets you a heck of a better prospect.

  3. Z-A

    Very good move by the Eagles, give them credit. Usually it takes multiple picks to move up into the top 10. Only had to give up a LB that the Bills admitted they padded his stats in his rookie year and has been a shell of himself. And a CB that is better as a #2-3 Corner, not a #1. It saves them 10M in cap space. And for the Dolphins they already cut Grimes so there was a need.


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